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Please click on the menu links to your left for real life customer feedback experiences, which include many photos ! However, please note some of the files are currently blank as we are in the process of updating the customer feedback files.  

Feedback, especially with photos, is always gratefully received, so please do get in touch to tell us about your experience with Renaissance Henna natural hair colour products. This helps those who are new to henna and indigo hair dye to better understand how these natural hair dyes work, and to understand that they are as effective as, or more effective, than conventional over the counter synthetic hair colour dyes.

We invite all customers who have used our products to contribute feedback with photos whenever possible. Please do e mail us to tell us about your  hair colour /  hair care experience. ENJOY HENNA AND INDIGO !  


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Renaissance Henna Natural
Hair Colour Kit

The Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Colour Kit is recommended for all of you who are new to henna and indigo hair dyes

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