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natural hair dye image of green leaf with caption Hair Dye Alternatives that Work  and image of model with short black hair and a natural hair dye kit by Renaissance Henna - best henna hair dye UK
best natural hair dye UK shop is here

Best Henna Hair Dye UK ! 

Best henna hair dye in the UK is here !  And it’s the best natural hair dye. All our  herbal hair colours are dermatologist recommended and made only with the finest plant ingredients.  Pure henna, pure indigo, and pure cassia obovata are the key  plant based natural hair dyes which we use . All our plants are carefully harvested in India, Yemen, and Morocco to bring you a powerful hair dye alternative and the finest natural hair colouring powders nature has to offer.

Best natural hair dye

Henna will colour hair reddish brown. On lighter hair colours such as gray and blonde  the henna colour will be brighter and lean towards copper auburn. On darker hair colour the henna dye will colour hair a dark reddish brown shade. Indigo can be used after henna to tone your hair colour down to brown or natural black. Henna and indigo natural hair dye work together to colour hair auburn brown and black. These plant dyes colour they gray effectively as well and will produce perfectly blended air colour even if you’re starting with a mix of different colours such as grey and hair dyed hair, or grey and natural hair colour, or natural colour plus hair dyed hair – everything blends perfectly and naturally.

We offer complimentary professional product support – just contact us with your questions.  Renaissance pure henna and indigo hair dyes are suitable for both men and women and colour all hair types effectively with naturally organic plant ingredients.  Cassia obovate or amla can also be used with henna and indigo to create slight variants in your hair colour shade.


woman in cream sweater with healthy dark colour hair flung over her face, standing against a green leafy natural background
colour your hair naturally with natural hair dye
Profile of woman with long wavy deep auburn hair, against white background, wrapped in a white towel, upper neck and chest visible
natural beauty hair colouring  by Renaissance Henna
short black hair on model
natural black hair colour with henna and indigo is the best natural hair dye as it colours your hair dark brown and black without chemicals


Herbal Hair Colour by Renaissance Henna  is Dermatologist Recommended

Chemical Free Natural Hair Dye Kit to Colour Hair Naturally  

Our chemical free Hair Colouring Kit is your first step. The kit contains everything you need to colour your hair auburn, brown or black. It contains henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you step by step . The result is stunning natural hair colour!
We use plant based powders  : henna,indigo and cassia obovata. These powders colour your hair effectively and naturally.

What is Hair Dye and why does it matter what it is ?

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