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Welcome to Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Dye !

Our aim in setting up Renaissance Henna is to bring natural hair dye alive again and to introduce you to a world of natural beauty and natural hair colours entirely from plants. It’s natural hair dye which is free from harmful chemicals such as paraphenylene diamene [“PPD”] and ammonia. Renaissance Henna is about inherently organic hair dye and natural hair treatments.

Natural Hair Dye for healthy hair
Natural hair dye from plants

Who Wouldn’t Want Healthy Hair? 

Natural Beauty treatments for your hair not only deliver nourishing hair care but also can reconstruct damaged hair and deliver stunning natural hair colour.

Powerful Hair Treatments & Natural Hair Dyes

Our natural hair dyes are recommended by NHS and private dermatologists to hair dye allergy and eczema patients. Used successfully by PPD allergy patients and by natural hair care fans  alike, our organic hair dyes deliver stunning natural hair colour and hair repair. We live mostly in a state of constant stress, often sleep deprived, often poorly nourished, and sometimes there are underlying health problems we don’t even know we have. It’s a wild world out there. It affects us on the inside and on the outside, and stressed hair is often dry & damaged, brittle & fragile, and develops split ends. Whether it’s the heat of the hair-dryer, styling tools,  environmental conditions, or how you eat and sleep – or a combination of everything and more –  this may lead to hair problems. We have gathered the best natural hair care treatments for  stressed hair, for grey hair, for natural beauty fans, and for PPD hair dye allergy & eczema patients, who want an alternative to “hair dye” and in the privacy of your own home.

Where Do I Start my Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Dye Journey?

If you’re new to henna and indigo, we strongly recommend that you explore the Henna Information menu at the top of this page. We want you to understand the concept first, and the philosophy behind henna and indigo and be comfortable and confident about trying pure henna and indigo hair dye. Then, when you’re ready, we recommend you start with our natural hair dye starter kit.

Natural Henna Hair Dye Kit for Beginners

The Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Colour Starter Kit is everything you need to get auburn through to brown hair, through to black hair, and all shades in between ! It contains henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through the whole process step by step and get you to stunning hair colour.

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Natural Hair Dye by Renaissance Henna for beautiful, healthy hair. We take what the earth gives and we add nothing. Our natural hair dyes and natural hair colours come from India and Morocco. Henna is a beautiful and small plant that flourishes in the harshest of conditions, and survives; this plant is rooted in history and shares the goodness of its leaves with those who want to find a better way. It’s pure redemption for anyone with a hair dye allergy and anyone who simply wants to find a natural hair dye way that is pure.

Henna natural hair dye turns grey or light colour hair orange, and it adds brown red tones to all other hair colours. Indigo natural hair dye, when applied after henna, turns the hair colour brown through to black depending how long you leave it in for.

How to Henna

Henna dye comes from the crushed leaves of the henna plant and its botanical name is lawsonia inermis. Indigo dye comes from the crushed leaves of the indigo plant and its botanical name is indigofera tinctoria. Renaissance Henna plant dyes are made by crushing and then finely sieving the dried leaves of these plants which ensures the strongest dye stain, and then : absolutely nothing is added to the powdered and finely sieved crushed leaves and the crushed plants are freshly sealed at source. And that’s it: – 100% desert earth plant, ammonia free, PPD free, additive free,  chemical free hair dye ready to go. Simply add water, mix into paste and experience stunning natural hair colour !

Together, henna and indigo make an awesome natural hair dye combination and you can achieve a whole range of natural hair colours you probably wouldn’t have thought possible to achieve with pure botanical herbal hair colour. This goes  from funky red hair colour to the richest chocolate brown hair colour, to the deepest jet black hair colour  ! It’s perfect for covering grey hair too – see the wonderful David who went from shocking white to brown black all in one afternoon. And checkout the Hair Colour Galleries This is a world of natural hair colour that is completely herbal, natural, botanical, and beautiful, and it’s (probably) even good for you ! There isn’t a fixed hair colour chart in this herbal hair colour world. But you will be able to aim for roughly: auburn, brown, black, or a shade in between, or a shade in the extreme range of one of these hair colours. The end colour is going to be unique to you, just like your fingerprint.