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Welcome to Renaissance Henna!

My aim in setting up Renaissance Henna is to bring real henna alive again and to introduce you to a world of natural beauty and natural hair dye entirely from plants. It’s natural hair dye which is free from paraphenylene diamene /PPD and completely additive free. Renaissance Henna is about inherently organic hair dye and natural hair treatments which are pure, and noble, in their own right. It’s the herbal hair colour world of henna, indigo, and cassia obovata and it’s the natural alternative to today’s commercial synthetic chemical hair dyes and synthetic chemical based hair care products.

I offer you the beautiful alternative to the commercial chemical hair industry fired by multi zillion pound marketing and vicious images of glorious glossy hair on super model women (& men). Self abuse has got to be the height of disrespect. We live in a wild world full of the dangers of PPD hair dye and hair dye allergy. We live in a world so hungry for images of beauty that we’ve become impervious to truth and blind to danger. We strive for what the industry promotes as fantastic, whatever the cost. I invite you to the height of true beauty and the heights of common sense via the self respecting path. Each one of us is blessed with beauty, and we are individuals capable of acquiring knowledge and exercising choice, and beauty has so many aspects and so many degrees. So celebrate it. And respect it. And come to know incredible and lasting hair dye colours you probably thought were not possible from plants alone.

Take a look at this and be alert to the dangers of synthetic chemical based hair dyes:

Just take a minute to consider the reputed popular benefits of pure henna, pure cassia obovata, and pure indigo, and you’ll realise that these precious herbs are indeed pure hair dye tonics like precious jewels straight from the wilderness of the earth. There is so much healing and wellbeing for us in these ancient herbs that is sadly overlooked, ignored, and forgotten.

Try it, experience it, benefit from it.

Wishing you many Happy Henna Days!

Sabrina Oz

New To Henna?

If you’re new to henna and indigo, I strongly recommend that you explore the Henna Information pages which you will find in the menu at the top of this page. I want you to understand the concept first, and the philosophy behind henna and indigo; and I want you to be comfortable and confident about trying pure henna and indigo hair dye. Then, when you’re ready to try natural henna and indigo hair dye, I recommend you start with our natural hair dye starter kit.

The Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Starter Kit is everything you need to get auburn through to brown, through to black hair, and all shades in between ! It contains henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through your first time application. It works on all hair colours, and all hair types. It is a natural anti gray hair dye and will effectively cover 100% gray hair.

Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Starter Kit >

Some reputed popular benefits of henna & cassia obovata:

• Boosts hair growth
• Treats dandruff
• Aids restful sleep
• Therapeutic and calming
• Detoxifying
• Soothes headaches, aches, and pains
• Cools scalp and skin & reduces temperature
• Fights infection

Reputed popular benefit of indigo:

• Astringent and antiseptic; fights infection

New to Henna & Indigo Natural Hair Colour ?

Renaissance Henna & Indigo are the powdered dried leaves of the henna plant and the indigo plant, finely sieved, with absolutely nothing at all added. These plants grow in India, Morocco, Yemen, and in other hot, dry, regions of the earth. Most of our powders come from India (Rajasthan) and Morocco. Feel free to look through the resources on this site to learn more about pure henna and indigo and how they work to colour hair naturally.


P.P.D. Free Natural Hair Dye

Renaissance Henna and Indigo, and other plant powder natural hair dyes, are free of synthetic chemicals. This means we add nothing. They are P.P.D. free and ammonia free and generally suitable for anyone with a hair dye allergy such as P.P.D. hair dye allergy. We have many customers with P.P.D. hair dye allergy who successfully use our products. Our henna and indigo are widely recommended by N.H.S. dermatology clinics across the U.K. However, it is possible to be sensitive to plants – some people are allergic to grass and get hayfever. Some people are sensitive and even allergic to herbal products as well as to synthetic chemical based products and therefore we always recommend a patch test before use. We do not provide samples  for patch testing unless you have been referred by a dermatology clinic.

If you wish to receive sample sachets of henna and indigo for patch testing, please send us an S.A.E. along with a copy of your dermatology clinic referral letter.

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How Henna and Indigo Work to Colour Hair Naturally

Henna powder is mixed with water into a paste which is applied to the hair. It turns gray and blonde hair orange, and it will mildly deepen and darken all other hair colours and add mild reddish undertones. Indigo powder is then mixed with water into a paste and applied to the hair. Indigo paste, used after henna, will turn grey hair and blonde hair auburn, then  brown, then black, depending how long you leave it in for. Indigo , after henna, on darker hair colours will produce auburn, and dark brown, leaning to black if left long enough. Indigo on its own – without a henna base application –  on lighter hair colours such as grey and blondes, will turn the hair  blue. Indigo on its own on dark hair colours will darken the hair further and push to black. Have a look through our customer  feedback photos and colour galleries to get a clearer picture of how these natural plant hair colour powders work. Please note that as pure henna and pure indigo are natural plant products, batches do vary according to crops. This means that  the powders may not always work exactly the same – one batch may take longer than another to release dye, and  dye content may occasionally differ, but you should always get stunning natural hair colour regardless  !


Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Colour Starter Kits

Our pure Henna and pure Indigo starter kit contains enough henna and indigo to get you started, and comes with a detailed Instructions and Information Booklet to help get you started. The small kit contains 100g of pure henna and 100g of pure indigo, and the larger kit contains 200g pure henna and 200g pure indigo. The henna and indigo  in the starter kits will generally stretch to multiple applications –  you may get two applications out of the smaller kit on short to medium length normal hair, and you may get two  or more applications out of the larger size kit.