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Hair Dye with Natural Ingredients for Sensitive Scalp  

Hair dye for sensitive scalp has to be chemical free and gentle enough for anyone allergic to chemicals in hair dye such as PPD, ammonia, and other chemicals which can cause hair dye reaction. All our  herbal hair colours are dermatologist recommended and made only with the purest plant ingredients.  Pure henna,  indigo, and  cassia obovata are the key plant based natural hair dyes which we use. All our plants are carefully harvested in India, Yemen, and Morocco to bring you a powerful yet gentle hair dye alternative with the best natural hair colouring herbs nature has to offer !

Renaissance  Best Henna Hair Dye: Chemical Free Hair Dye Kit For Men and Women Colours Your Hair Dark Brown and Black

Our henna and indigo natural hair dyes will colour your hair auburn, dark brown, and black on all starting colours. Dye your grey hair naturally and get natural brown and black hair colour !

Young woman in stripey T shirt with natural wavy hair, dark hair colour with lowlight glints of henna red. Indigo can be mixed with henna for a one step henna hair colour application for sensitive scalp hair dye
Mix indigo with henna for a one step henna hair colour application suitable for sensitive scalp


Natural Ingredients Hair Dye to Colour Your Hair Naturally

The Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Colour Kit contains everything you need to colour your hair auburn, brown or black. It contains henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you step by step . The result is stunning natural  black and brown hair colour! Our henna and indigo are finely powdered and sieved, easy to apply, and kind to your hair.

Natural Hair Dyes for healthy hair, image of woman with beautiful, glossy, healthy hair achieved by using natural hair dye
Natural hair dyes from plants colour your hair dark brown and black


Eczema & Psoriasis Hair Dye – Dermatologist Recommended

The best natural hair dye is made from plants and has no additives. Our pure henna and indigo combination hair dye colours your hair dark brown and black without chemicals. It’s a life saver for many people with eczema, psoriasis, and PPD hair dye allergy. These sensitivity conditions require a hypo allergenic product such as pure henna and indigo hair dye. Our pure henna hair dye is recommended by dermatologists across the UK as the best henna hair dye in the UK. Patients successfully colour their hair using our hair dyes.

photo of hands against a faded green grass background, one hand is nuder the other as the upper hand cradles soil with plant shoots and small flowers. There's faded pink shoes in the background below the hands. Image represents the power of natural sensitive scalp hair dye and the power of herbs to colour hair with the best henna hair dye UK.
Herbs can colour hair gently and naturally on all hair types


Vegan Hair Dye – Cruelty free

If you’ve never used henna and indigo before then our chemical free hair dye kit is your first step to kind to animals and humans natural hair colour for sensitive scalp. We use cruelty free vegan friendly dyes. Our main plant based hair colour powders are henna, indigo and cassia obovata. These herbal hair dyes colour your hair effectively and naturally, even on 100% grey hair.


Sensitive Scalp Hair Dye

Our sensitive scalp hair dye is made from the purest natural ingredients to colour your hair. Start with one of our Beginner Henna Indigo Hair Dye Kits ( top left ). Each boxed kit comes with a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through your first time application of henna and indigo, along with  pure henna and pure indigo, two plastic shower caps and gloves. The product links accessed via the Beginner Henna Indigo menu box above will explain more about how to use natural henna and indigo hair dyes to  get auburn, brown and black hair colour, even on totally grey hair. In a nutshell, pure henna on its own when applied to any dark hair starting colour, makes it darker and adds very mild reddish tones. Pure henna used on its own when applied to lighter hair starting colours, turns  the hair auburn. Pure henna applied to grey hair and blonde hair starting colour turns the hair colour copper red orange. Indigo used on its own after henna turns the hair colour brown through to black, depending on how long you leave the indigo in your hair for. We have lots of customer feedback and resources on site to help you understand and predict how henna and indigo will work on your starting colour. You can use henna and indigo over previously dyed hair. Please explore the customer feedback via the menu link at the top of each page and the resources at the left  of each page. We hope  you will find this information helpful and inspiring !

Woman with natural hair dyed auburn wearing denim jacket loosely falling ff shoulders, long earrings and sunglasses auburn henna auburn hair dy

Henna and Indigo are suitable for all hair types


Ammonia Free Hair Dye You Can Trust to Colour Grey Hair Naturally and Effectively

We don’t add anything to our plant based hair dye powders. They are free from chemicals and metals. Our pure henna will colour hair reddish brown. On lighter hair colours such as gray and blonde  the resulting henna colour will be brighter and lean towards copper auburn. On darker hair colour the henna dye will colour hair a dark reddish brown shade. Indigo can be used after henna to tone your hair colour down to brown or natural black. Henna and indigo natural hair dye work together to colour hair auburn brown and black. These plant dyes colour gray hair effectively and will produce perfectly blended hair colour even if you’re starting with a mix of different colours such as grey plus hair dyed hair, or grey plus natural hair colour, or natural colour plus hair dyed hair. You’ll get perfectly blended natural hair colour results every time. To get perfect blending we do recommend applying the products to all the hair in one application rather  than roots only, although roots only is an option if you prefer

We offer complimentary professional product support so  just contact us any time with your questions using the website contact form.  Pure henna and indigo herbal hair dyes are suitable for all hair types and colour hair effectively with naturally organic plant ingredients.  Cassia obovata or amla can also be used with henna and indigo to create a variety of hair colour shades.

Deep auburn hair dye , image of freckled woman's face, wearing sleeveless orange dress, lying in the grass with deep auburn hair colour splayed all around her face, she's probably hennaed her her with pure henna, the best sensitive scalp hair dye UK
Natural Dark Auburn  Hair Dye is  Ammonia Free









Were rated excellent on Trustpilot, Facebook, GoogleYell. Check Renaissance Henna website customer feedback here and  here.  We offer  a plant based, natural alternative to chemical hair dye, that works !


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