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Herbal Hair Colours – Dermatologist Recommended

Our herbal hair colours are dermatologist recommended and made only with plant ingredients. Hair colours from plants are herbal hair colourants comprising three  key ingredients: pure henna, pure indigo, and pure cassia obovata. All our plants are carefully harvested in India and in Morocco to bring you a powerful hair colour alternative in the form of the finest natural hair colour powders nature has to offer. We offer complimentary professional product support – just contact us with your questions.

Beautiful woman wearing denim jacket and large statement jewellery and sunglasses, with natural hair dyed red with dermatologist recommended hair colour

Who wouldn’t want healthy hair & a natural alternative to chemical hair dye ? Natural Beauty treatments for your hair not only deliver nourishing hair care but also reconstruct damaged hair and deliver stunning natural hair colour results. Our natural hair colours are guaranteed ammonia free & PPD free.

Portrait of beautiful woman with healthy long hair dyed with dark brown black hair dye

We produce naturally organic  hair dye from plants

Where Do I Start my Natural Hair Colouring Journey?

If you’re new to henna and indigo, we strongly recommend that you explore the Henna FAQ’s at the top of this page, and visit our Plant Hair Colour Journey page . We want you to understand the concept first, and the philosophy behind henna and indigo so you can be comfortable and confident about trying pure henna and pure indigo herbal hair  colourants. We recommend you start with any one of our herbal hair colour kits which come with a detailed instructions booklet.

Powerful Hair Treatments & Professional Plant Based Hair Colour for Beautiful Healthy Hair 

Our alternative to hair dye is recommended by NHS and private dermatology clinics to hair dye allergy and eczema patients, but you don’t need a prescription to enjoy this herbal antioxidant natural hair colour for beautiful, healthy hair coloured naturally.

Most of us  live in a state of constant stress. It affects us on the inside and on the outside, and the result can be stressed hair. Whether it’s the heat of the hair-dryer, styling tools, environmental conditions, or how you eat and sleep – or a combination of everything –  this may lead to hair problems. We have put together the very best natural plant based hair care and hair colour for  stressed hair, for grey hair, and for natural beauty fans who want a safer natural alternative to chemical hair dye.

natural hair dye
Plant based herbal hair dye is the alternative hair dye that works

Chemical Free Herbal Hair Colour Kit to Colour Hair Naturally  

Our Herbal Hair Colouring Kit is your first step towards colouring your hair auburn, brown and black, and stunning shades in between this colour spectrum. It contains henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through the whole process step by step and get you to stunning natural hair colour.

Herbal hair colours demonstrated on bare shouldered woman with long flowing brown hair  with rich but mild red tones
Herbal hair colours henna,indigo and cassia obovata colour hair naturally


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