About Bhringraj Oil & Healthy Hair Oils

Healthy hair oils such as Bhringraj oil, also know as Eclipta Alba, have always been used in India to encourage hair growth and to condition all hair types.

Bhringraj oil is an effective oil for colour-treated and damaged hair and it is  lightly scented with natural lavender oil.

Apply just 3 to 4 drops to your palms ( or as needed – you would require double for an intensive scalp massage), rub palms together to warm the oil a little and spread it as far as your finger tips. Then lightly massage your scalp, gently lifting the hair roots as you go;  and finally apply oil to the ends of your hair by scrunching the hair and just gently touching the hair ends. Lightly brush hair to spread oil throughout your hair.

You can omit the scalp massage and just apply oil lightly to the hair ends for a gentle conditioning effect.

For combination hair conditioning, shampoo with your usual shampoo first, then shampoo a second time with 80: 20 shampoo/bhringraj oil – you won’t believe the results ! It beats conventional hair conditioners leaving you with  stunning India silk hair !

Feedback from Nat :

“Hi there, was not sure where to leave feedback, but recently ordered bhringraj hair oil from yourself and I have to say its wonderful! I recently suffered some sort of scalp burn a while back after using salon hair dyes, and this has really soothed my scalp. I also feel my hair has thickened and gaining back its lustre! I really hope you will continue selling such wonderful products and look forward to ordering from you again!!! thanks! Nat.”

back of woman with long silky healthy hair conditioned by organic hair oils holding a hair brush in her hand and brushing her beautiful hair. This is about looking after your hair with healthy hair oils.
For optimum hair health, treat your hair with  healthy hair oils regularly


Unfortunately we are out of stock of Bhringraj oil, but we do have Argan oil, Amla oil and Amla & Neem hair oils, all of which are healthy hair oils and good for your hair.

Neem oil is particularly good for hair and scalp health: https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/neem-oil-for-hair