About Amla Hair Oil

Amla hair care delivers vitamin C straight to your hair ! Indian Amla hair oil is reputed to stop hair loss, to halt grey hair in its tracks, and to strengthen, condition, and rejuvenate the dullest, lifeless hair.

The amla fruit ( emblica officinalis / also known as indian gooseberry) is said to be the richest natural source of vitamin C on the planet ! About amla 

Apply just 3 to 4 drops of amla hair care oil to your palms ( or as needed – you would require double for an intensive pre-shampoo scalp massage), rub palms together to warm the oil a little and spread it as far as your finger tips. Then lightly massage your scalp, gently lifting the hair roots as you go, and finally apply oil to the ends of your hair by scrunching the hair and just gently touching the hair ends. Lightly brush hair to spread oil throughout the hair.

You can omit the scalp massage and just apply lightly to hair ends for a gentle conditioning.

For combination hair conditioning, shampoo with your usual shampoo first, then shampoo a second time using a ratio of 90:10 shampoo / amla oil. You won’t believe the results ! You’ll get just stunning India silk hair with your amla hair care routine  !

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To use amla powder simply mix with water t form a paste and apply that to your hair for the desired time; instructions come with all our products. You can also use amla as a face mask and wash.


woman with long blonde curls flowing over her shoulders wearing dark sunglasses and sleeves white vest, standing in front of green bush with deep green foliage and red berries
amla adds wave and curl to hair