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Ammonia Free Hair Colour

So what exactly is ammonia free hair colour ?

It’s whatever you want it to be as long as it doesn’t contain ammonia! It may still contain PPD -paraphenylene diamene – : see allergy to paraphenylene diamene ; and it may contain a ton of other chemical names that you’ve never heard of , but as long as your hair dye doesn’t contain ammonia it can be marketed as “ammonia free hair colour”.

This is Natalie.  She chose an ammonia free hair dye to colour her hair.

This is Natalie, photo of pretty caucasian woman wearing white vest with tied back dark hair
Natalie : Ammonia Free Hair Dye Reaction


This is what happened to Natalie :

You can read more about this here :


Ammonia Free Hair Colour

We promote herbs and water to colour your hair. We don’t add anything to our herbs. It’s natural hair dye made from herbs. It goes by many names including herbal hair colour, herbal hair dye,  , plant hair colour, plant hair dye, and botanical hair colour.  The words hair dye and hair colour are used interchangeably because whatever colours your hair is a hair dye as well as a hair colourant or hair colour.

herbal hair care is naturally organic
herbal hair care & herbal hair colour is naturally organic
ammonia free hair colour, profile image of woman with short black choppy hair cut wo
Ammonia free hair colour


Henna, Indigo  & Cassia Obovata

The main herbs we grow and use to make herbal hair colours which colour all types of hair, including Indian hair, are : henna, indigo, and cassia obovata.

100% herbal hair colour with professional results, that's what we specialise in, mortar and pestle crushing leaves

We crush and powder the dried leaves of these plants to make a herbal powder to which you simply add water to create your hair dye paste ! Explore the Natural hair Dye Library resources on our website to find out more about how these work and what hair colours you can get with simply henna and indigo.  You can get red, brown, and black, and all shades in between, as well as natural hair cleansing and conditioning.


Naturally Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Henna, indigo and cassia obovata are naturally ammonia free hair colour because we don’t add ammonia or anything else at all to our herbs !

Woman with long hair down her back on red hammock facing a rock face with trickling waterfall
Ammonia Free Hair Dye Henna & Indigo



Organic Hair Colour & Hair Care

Organic means grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Naturally organic means products which are grown in their natural place, at a natural pace, and not exposed to non natural chemicals.

Certified organic refers to an application process whereby people who are planning to market products as “organic” can get certified by a National Organic Programme accredited agent. There are a number of agents to choose from, such as Soil Association and Ecocert. However, these programmes are expensive and, sadly, run the risk of putting smaller growers of natural plants, especially in poorer countries, out of business. That’s why we sell both natural hair colour and organic natural hair colour from certified organic sources. We are careful to ensure that the highest standards are met and that crops are carefully harvested with love and care.


Power of Herbs
Experience Ammonia Free Power of Herbs, the choice is in your hands, x