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Henna is for Guys Too

Henna is for guys too …….. and for all genders.  Henna is for all hair types, for all people regardless of age , for all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. You might say it crosses the great divide and brings us  all together.

But why is there just no mention of it  in the guy’s guides to best hair dyes? Could it be that that the great lie still colours common misconceptions that henna contains metallic salts ? Not so pure henna ! Renaissance henna is dermatologist recommended as a great alternative for anyone with hair dye allergy. But the bottom line is : it’s simply  great hair colour !

Henna is for guys too - Man with curly hair coloured naturally , wearing a round neck white T shirt, standing in a natural background by a tree branch
Henna is for guys too ! 

Henna is a feel good wellness treatment, a natural paint for  body art, and a natural option for at home and salon professional hair colouring.

Mix the powder with water to create your own at home hair colouring paste . It works on all hair types. It colours hair auburn and when used with indigo it colours hair brown, and black. The box kit comes with both henna and indigo and a detailed instructions booklet. We’re here to help you take the next step !