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Hauntingly Beautiful Henna


Hauntingly Beautiful Henna Hair Colour

We named our orange label henna “pakeezah” , a name which has its origins in the Arabic language. It is a word which has a combined, dual, meaning of ” pure” and “clean to the heart”. This describes our beautiful henna hair colour which is pure and clean as it contains no chemicals and no additives.

BAQ henna natural looking red hair colour on Renaissance Henna customer
BAQ henna natural looking red hair colour on Renaissance Henna customer


Here’s an insight into the epic Indian film “Pakeezah”  :

The Story

The beautiful dancer in the video is relentlessly pursued by the aggressive “patron” Nawab Zafar Ali Khan.

The heroin dancer is Sahibjaan, a woman whose mother was rejected by her father’s family because she was of low status,. So, Sahibjaan was robbed of her noble birthright in childhood, to be raised a dancer in a brothel.

She eventually stumbles upon love, by chance. Whilst journeying on a train, she finds herself adored by a man who literally worships her beautiful feet! [“I saw your feet” he says in a mysterious note left on her feet whilst she was asleep, “they are very beautiful. Please don’t step on the ground, as they will get dirty “]. After much hardship and tragedy she finds her fate is to be with the anonymous stranger whose love she clings to and dreams of. When he comes to rescue her from her life of misery, poverty and struggle,  her status is redeemed as a woman of noble birth. A very Shakespearean happy ending thus concludes the epic tale of Pakeezah.



credits to :   Shemaroo Jukebox  24 x 7


Freedom from Chemicals

In many ways, are we all not all either slaves to a chemically laden world monopolised by an industry that sells us boxes and potions of easy to use products to make ourselves beautiful in a flash, or slaves to allergies that bring heartache and misery ?

Henna isn’t a fast hair colour chart hair colour that happens in a flash. But it is free from  every chemical name you can think of including ammonia, PPD, and “black henna” (actually, there’s no such thing). And it is very beautiful, hauntingly beautiful like the story of Sahibjaan. The bottom line is henna is pure to a fault. It’s reputation, sadly, has been dishonoured and tainted by years of corruption and misinformation ( there are no metallic salts in pure henna ). But it’s a noble path to natural beauty and beautiful hair colour. If you come to henna with a will to explore it’s origin of purity, you’ll find amazing hair colour that is absolutely unique to you. It’s a way out of slavery to chemical hair dyes that may in fact be harmful to health and life.


Visit our customer feedback pages and Natural Hair Dye Library pages to find out What is henna ? and more [click on the Library resources to the left of this page to access more].

Happy Henna Days !

Sabrina, x

Customer feedback Renaissance Henna :

“Iv been using Renaissance Henna for over eight years now after i suffered a bad reaction to my hair dye . I was so upset at the time thinking i would now have to go grey when i discovered Renaissance . I now have beautiful coloured hair which is just the right colour and using henna also gives a natural condition unlike my old hair colour . They also have a great customer service , nothing is to much trouble , their advice has been so important in getting the right results !! can’t recommend them enough .

Thank you for bringing my hair back to life x”


“Hi. Renaissance Henna!
Loved your Henna and Indigo Hair Dyes!
Was good quality,
Smooth and fine grained,
Applied well on hair, I have black hair and it was vibrant (need to apply
Good price,
Overall very pleased, more, more, please!
Keep up the good work!

Renaissance Henna Pakeezah Henna

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Natural Dark Brown Hair Colour Success !

Dark Brown Hair Colour Feedback :

Zehra got dark hair colour with Renaissance Henna Organic Hair Colour Kit :

Natural Brown Hair Colour
Long Brown Wavy Hair Natural Hair Colour on Zehra with Renaissance Henna Indigo



“Btw i had the chance to try the henna & indigo, it was really amazing.
I am attaching a picture (for the record I wasnt driving when i took the picture, I was parked in front of my house :).”


Sally was also successful with her dark hair colour :

Dark Hair Colour Result
Dark Hair Colour Result with henna & indigo on Renaissance Henna Customer Sally
Natural Black Hair Colour Result
Natural Black Hair Colour Result with henna indigo , Sally’s selfie


“Hey Sabrina! So glad you could see my review 😃 You are welcome to use my photos. I wanted to gush on, and on about your wonderful ‘technical support’ but was afraid you might end up bombarded with a school of people to teach and not enough time?! I would love to share your website. People who have known me, know my hair used to be even more thin, even though I was younger. The chemicals and highlights just disintegrated my hair. It is now bold and sufficiently full, even with thyroid issues. I do need an order of organic henna but using the older henna until I get an order in. The henna/indigo worked great, just did it again yesterday. It was way overdue with lots of grey. Sally, x”