Brown Hair Gallery

Brown Hair Colour Gallery
henna and indigo on natural black hair colour and black grey hair


Red Lowlights on black hair?

Look through the hair colour galleries to give yourself an idea how henna is likely to turn out on black hair and dark hair colours. Bear in mind that you’ll only get shocking red / orange tones or highlights on grey or white hair ( which you can easily mute to brown or black with indigo). If you have dark black hair, or any dark hair colour, the henna will add deep reddish tones and make your hair look like it has natural red lowlights; any odd greys will look like reddish highlights. The difference between lowlights and highlights? Highlights brighten your hair ( and can be shocking !) , whilst lowlights deepen your hair and are more subtle.


Want black hair colour ? Or black hair with red or burgundy highlights ? Want blue black hair colour?

Use henna followed by indigo in 2 stages if you want a dark hair colour with red lowlights or purple blue lowlights. Full mixing and application instructions come with the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit.

Want brown hair colour? Or brown with red or burgundy lowlights?

Use henna + indigo. Full mixing and application instructions come with the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit.

Want burgundy hair colour?

Use henna + indigo. Full mixing and application instructions come with the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit.

The Renaissance Henna Hair Kit gives you a myriad of colours – pick one ! I can’t guarantee your end result hair colour, but I can tell you that I’m certain you’ll love it, that you’ll be impressed, and that you’ll be hooked ! Try it and you won’t look back. Go on – because you’re worth it !

Henna Hair Colour Strand Tests

I must remind you that hair colour strand tests don’t always give you an accurate prediction of your end result hair colour and they don’t always take on colour with the same passion as a full head of hair would. Many people are disappointed with the hair colour strand test result but amazed with the full hair colour application. Maybe it’s the body temperature that makes the difference; it’s hard to say. Also, do remember that your strand test hair may not necessarily be a true indicator of final all over hair colour due to the fact that the strand test hair may have uneven colour saturation, especially if you’ve previously used hair dyes. And hennaed & indigoed hair looks like different hair colour depending on where you’re standing – it’ll look like a different hair colour indoors compared to how it looks outdoors. It’s a beautiful coat of many colours. In my opinion, henna / indigo should be used by every person on the planet at least once in a lifetime. It’s too incredible to miss out on and if you never try it, you’ll never know.

A Reminder about Previous use of Chemical Hair Dyes and Henna

If you’ve previously used chemical hair dyes, although you can go straight ahead and use henna / indigo, I’d recommend you wait as long as possible. My minimum recommended waiting time is 2 weeks, especially if you’ve just permed your hair. But my advice is to aim for 2 – 3 months before using henna after a hair dye if you can. The only reason why I advise people to wait as long as possible is simply to give your hair the opportunity of getting rid of chemical hair dye build up, and also to ensure the best hair colour take from henna/indigo. It’s the compound (“metallic salt mix”) hennas which hairdressers moan about and say you can’t use before or after hair dyes. My henna and indigo are not mixed with metallic salts – they are pure. They are not the same stuff your hairdresser is talking about ! My henna and indigo are safe to use both before and after chemical hair dye, but my advice to you is to wait as long as you can before using hair dyes either side of henna, because it’s in your best interests to wait.

Strand Test Hair Colour Pictures

Below are photographs of natural hair strands showing how they colour with henna, and how they intensify to darker shades after the indigo application. I’m afraid the photos don’t do justice at all to the final end result colour – scroll down to the real life photos see what I mean. Also, please bear in mind that the henna used for these strand tests was mixed with part lemon juice and part water and therefore the henna colour is lighter than it would have been with a straight hot water mix.


Strand Test Hair Colour Picture File : Brunette Hair Colours

Light Brown

Light brown natural hairLight brown straight after hennaLight brown henna hair on day 2
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image

Light brown natural hair

Light brown straight after hennaLight brown henna hair on day 2
Light brown henna hair on day 2
Enlarge Image

Light brown after indigo


Medium Brown

Medium brown natural hairMedium brown straight after hennaMedium brown henna hair on day 2
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image

Medium brown natural hair

Medium brown straight after henna

Medium brown henna hair on day 2

Medium brown after indigo
Enlarge Image

Medium brown after indigo


Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown natural hairDark brown straight after hennaDark brown henna hair on day 2
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image

Dark brown natural hair

Dark brown straight after henna

Dark brown henna hair on day 2

Dark brown after indigo
Enlarge Image

Dark brown after indigo




had my hair highlighted several times and in my before picture it has one or two single process browns over it as of 3 months ago, and the ends were very frayed from the chemicals. I used henna hoping the henna will help me out with this. This is where I’ve talked about it : and



Jacky wrote on 15.2.06 : “My hair colour is medium/dark brown. My last permanent colour was mid December with loads of bleached copper highlights; however I had to colour semi permanent over it 2 weeks ago as holiday sun faded it. The colour I would like to achieve is medium brown/red.”

Sabrina, 21.2.06: “Hi Jacky; it was difficult doing the strand test as I found it hard to separate half of it so I could send you both the actual henna result and indigo result (guess I should have requested 2 hair samples). But you can see here that I’ve photographed it at both stages. I applied henna first and left that in just slightly over 2 hours; rinsed through, and then applied indigo for about 15 minutes; I would say when you do this yourself to apply the henna for 2 -3 hours, followed by indigo for literally 10 minutes – that should get you to medium brown with red highlights; I’m afraid the strand test isn’t always an accurate prediction of your end colour, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you go ahead with the full hair application – try it ! Sorry about the awful photos – they just don’t do justice to the real colour. ”

Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image

Jacky’s starting colour

Jacky’s hair after henna

Jacky’s hair after indigo

Jacky, 27.2.06 : “Hello Sabrina, Just to let you know that I put the henna on my hair yesterday (3 hours). The colour is so lovely that I don’t intend to use the indigo. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Thanks so much for your valued advice over the last week. I’m definitely going to use henna from now on. Best regards, Jacky.”

This is Jacky

This is Jacky’s hair after using Renaissance Henna – compare the colour now with her starting colour in the strand test hair photos above. Jacky had used permanent hair colour and had remnants of bleached streaks in her hair; she was also going grey.



All photos here have been submitted by Carly Wilson,

Carly says : I actually have naturally light-medium brown hair as you can see in my beforepic .. it’s been a long time, lol). My dad and a *lot* of my relatives have naturally red hair so I have the right complexion. Photo 3 is me after I had hennae’d it twice but had used chemical dyes many times. It’s a good example of how using natural henna after chemicals can work out lovely. A lot of hair stylists say you can’t henna after chemicals (or vice versa, as I’m sure you know), but if you’re using pure henna, then you’re good to go. The henna has made it softer and fuller than it has in years (ie. in the years I was using chemicals). For my mix, I used pure henna, lemon juice, olive oil, and paprika.

Carly 1 My natural hair colour before hennaCarly 2 My hair dyed hair Carly 3 My hair after henna
Carly 1
My natural hair colour before henna
Carly 2
My hair dyed hair
Carly 3
My hair after henna



Photos here have been submitted by Patricia of

My natural hair colour - before I used hennaThis is how my hair looks after henna
This is how my hair looks after hennasee where I have explained how I mixed my henna.
My natural hair colour – before I used henna


Barbee – Scrappy Doo’s Photoshoot !

Submitted by : Barbee of

Barbee’s Natural Hair Colour : Dark Brown
Barbee’s Previous use of Hair Dyes : bleached her hair all white
Barbee’s Henna Mix : Mixed ancient age old henna with boiling hot chamomile tea

Enlarge ImageEnlarge Image
Barbee’s natural dark brown hair colour (pre -bleach) with just henna 1Barbee’s natural dark brown hair colour (pre bleach) with henna 2
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image
Barbee’s bleached white hairBarbee’s dark brown hair colour re-growth in between bleached hairBarbee’s hennaed hair 1 – the bleached white hair turns red orange and the natural dark brown hair colour deepens to a slightly reddish brown
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image
Barbee’s hennaed hair 2 Red hair colour contrasting with deep orangy/red brownBarbee’s hennaed hair 3Barbee’s ponytail : hennaed hair 4 Contrasting the hennaed bleached hair and the hennaed natural hair colour




Enlarge Image
Celia 1
Enlarge Image
Celia 2

Thank you very much, Sabrina! You are a lifesaver! I wrote you almost 3 months ago in a panic because I had suddenly developed an allergic sensitivity (itchy bumps on my neck and ears) to a hair dye I had been using for many years.

I started graying in my late 20’s/early 30’s and have tried commercial dyes and mail order dyes with very low levels of PPD for over 15 years. When I had my allergic reaction in April, I was so depressed. I couldn’t bear the thought of going gray, but with some persistance I was very fortunate to discover your website. It is the most thorough and consumer friendly website I’ve ever seen, and your customer service is outstanding. I was especially attracted to your ppd story because it sounded so familiar.

Anyway, I was skeptical about your henna products because I had tried Light Mountain Color the Gray about 10 years ago with unsatisfactory results (hence the return to chemical dyes). I tried your product for the first time in May and was pleasantly surprised and relieved. I have since used it 3 more times with no reaction.

Here are some things I’ve learned. Results using the henna and indigo together were less satisfactory than using the 2-step method. The 1-step method did not cover the gray as well for me, and the color also did not last as long (less than 2 weeks). In all fairness, I did not use as much henna or indigo when I used the 1-step method since the 2 ingredients were combined.

As a result, I now apply henna (5T henna plus 2T sugar) for about 2 hours, followed by the indigo (5T) for 40 minutes. This method stays 3 weeks. My hair feels soft and the henna and indigo are both easy to wash out (unlike the Light Mountain product). I’m hoping continued use of your product will restore the thickness I once had.

Thank you for your wonderful products and for alleviating my fears and answering my many questions.

PS Attached are some photos. Feel free to use them.



– ( sort of a strawberry blonde which, from the before photo, could pass as lightish blonde brown hair )

Photos submitted by Joan of

Joan’s Natural Hair Colour : Dirty blonde/golden blonde, with natural highlights

Hair Dye History : She had never used any chemical hair dyes before henna

Joan’s Henna Mix : “a mix of leftover paste and some cheap powder I bought from a local Indian grocery store. I mixed the henna with lemon juice and a bit of rosemary, mostly for scent. After I applied the paste I wrapped with plastic and a towel and left it covered for one hour.”Joan’s comments on henna : I’ve never been one to put chemicals or manufactured product into my hair beyond the basic shampoo and conditioner, so hearing about henna (a Natural alternative!) was too tempting to pass up. As it turned out, the red color suited me well and I’ve now hennaed my hair three times. Using henna in my hair leaves it amazingly soft and silky, well conditioned, and a bit thicker than before. Even when using stale or leftover mixtures I get great color that blends in well with my natural tones and highlights

Joan’s natural hair colour
 Photo 2 Joan’s hair immediately after her first henna in March 2005Photo 3 Joan’s hair one week laterPhoto 4 Joan’s hair in January 2006 after she cut it and hennaed it
Photo 5 Joan’s hair in January 2006 after she cut it and hennaed itPhoto 6 Joan’s hair in January 2006 after she cut it and hennaed itPhoto 7 Joan’s hair in January 2006 after she cut it and hennaed it


Joan’s friend

photos submitted by Joan of

27.2. 06 : i hennaed my girlfriend’s hair today! she had been dying it red for a while, but her roots had grown out about five or six inches, so we tested the other day with henna and did the full dye job this afternoon. it turned out beautifully, her head smells tasty =)

Joan’s friend before henna

The before picture is her dodging the camera – turned out well when needed a picture of the back of her head!

Here are all the after pictures – flash and no flash. the color’s much more consistent than the dye job was :

Joan’s friend after henna, 1
Joan’s friend after henna, 1
Joan’s friend after henna, 3
Joan’s friend after henna, 4



photos submitted by Katie of

2.3.06 : i wanted to get photos in the sun after the henna, but it’s winter and i work during most of the daylight hours, just hasn’t happened yet. so here’s what i do have!


before – in sun – most of the hair was permanently colored lighter and redder, and covered with permanent as close to my own hair color, dark brown, but was still lighter and a little red.


after – inside – the flash photo is actually accurate for what it looks like in the sun, the nonflash photo is a little redder than it really is!



Photos submitted by Dee, Hampshire, on 18.12.05 : –

God – how hard it is to photograph your own head, you will see I didn’t do too good a job but you are welcome to these. I opted not to use the indigo in the end. I used 150 grams of henna mixed with the advised volume of lemon juice and water and which I left standing overnight. My hair has been previously chemically coloured. Black ages ago and still visible on the bottom 2 inches or so and a burgundy brown in September which had faded somewhat and my roots were showing through (and the dreaded greys!). Henna was applied to dry hair (washed night before) and cling filmed and shower capped for 6 1/2 hours before rinsing. The grey ones are a shade of red but I like this and there aren’t what people would consider a lot (although I do!) Thank you, I will be ordering again soon. Kind regards, Dee x

Dee 1Dee 2Dee 3
Dee 1Dee 2Dee 3


Claire : Henna & Indigo on previously bleached hair !

My hair is naturally dull brown. It has been chemically coloured countless times and I’ve recently bleached it as well, but I hated the end result ! I’m attaching 2 photos – taken last weekend of how my hair looked after my last lot of colour and bleach, and how it now looks after henna and indigo. While I’m a tiny bit disappointed that I couldn’t get the bleached highlights to deepen completely to brown, I absolutely love the overall result ! I was a little scared as I’d only used my last colour and bleach about a month ago, but I was so fed up with my colour that I was prepared to try so I jumped right in and I love henna and indigo ! I’m definitely going to stick with it. I love how it feels, smells, and colours – it’s fantastic ! I’m so grateful to you sabrina for introducing me to your product and for persuading me to give up on that chemical trash. It was amazing how the colour changed within a single day – initally the henna looked too red/orange but within hours it deepened to deep auburn and I actually started to like it, but thought I’d jump in and try out the indigo ! The bleached bits went a bit yellowy with the henna, but then got tonded down somewhat with indigo and as for the rest of my hair I love the shine, the gloss, and the deep brown with red bits underneath. This is an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone even if you’ve just used chemical hair dyes or bleached your hair recently. Eternally grateful, Claire.

Claire BeforeClaire BeforeClaire After




a stunning example of how pure henna colours beautifully over chemically dyed hair.

Photos submitted by Jessica of :

Jessica’s natural hair colour : brown
Jessica’s Hair Dye History : i dyed my hair before-once a month since i was 16 -now 21 Thoughts on henna : would i go back to hair dye after henna?-maybe, but after discovering how nice henna is on hair it’ll be a while. My Henna Mix – mixed my henna with hot chai (tea), olive oil, and some henna cones to get some tea tree oil into it. it’s a very nice cherry color and i love how shiny my hair is. and the flyaways are gone.

Before Henna - JessicaFluorescent pink turns to a cool funky red hair colour after henna !
Before Henna – Jessica’s fluorescent pink dyed hairFluorescent pink turns to a cool funky red hair colour after henna !


What happens if you indigo grey hair or white hair without using henna first ?

This is what happens, as demonstrated by Maryam :

MaryamsIndigo straight on to grey hair / white hair turns it a blue green Henna on top of the indigo blue green hair turns it back to henna orange brown
Enlarge ImageEnlarge ImageEnlarge Image
Maryams’ Grey Hair ( roots are showing through after previous henna / indigo applications)Indigo straight on to grey hair / white hair turns it a blue greenHenna on top of the indigo blue green hair turns it back to henna orange brown
Now the indigo result after henna !
Enlarge Image
Now the indigo result after henna !


Don’t use indigo on its own on blonde or gray hair !

DON’T try using indigo alone on any light hair colour (blonde hair colour / ash hair colour ), including grey hair, as it has the potential to produce blue or green and it may not be a shade you like ! But if you’re interested in blue or green, then go ahead and strand test. On dark hair colour it is generally considered safe to use indigo alone and it will darken the hair even more towards black hair colour, but it may leave the hair dull and dry and it will lack the glossy effect that comes when it’s used with henna.

On grey hair, make sure the hair is orange from your henna before using indigo. And if the grey hair looks bluish after using indigo ( rare, but it could happen if henna didn’t cover it properly), then just repeat the henna application followed by indigo again.

Always do a strand test and even if you like the idea of using indigo on its own, do experiment by using it after henna hair colour as well. I personally find indigo is best used with henna for optimum results and spectacular hair colour.

Finally, if you’ve used hair dyes and especially bleaches on your hair, do not use indigo for at least 6 – 8 weeks since the last dye / bleach, as indigo over bleached and dyed hair can be unpredictable, not to mention green ! In many cases indigo ( used with or after henna ) works perfectly well straight after dyes and bleaches, but none the less I urge caution and would prefer that you waited…. get rid of the chemical build up and then go for it ! In the event of green hair, apply tomato sauce / ketchup in the hair, cover, leave in for up to an hour and shampoo out ; repeat applications may be necessary. If that doesn’t work, henna over it ! You’ll get a deep brown/auburn.


Dear Sabrina,

Please find attached some pics as promised:

1. before application

2. henna stage (1.5 h incubation); panic!

3. after indigo on the henna (20 min. incubation)

I used about 60 g henna (7 tablespoons), 40 g indigo (4-5 ts).

I did not add anything but boiling water (henna), lukewarm water (indigo), both Brita filtered.

Both henna and indigo were rather easy to apply. With the indigo, however, one must work rather quickly, because the colour sets so soon and becomes very dark after about 25 minutes. I covered the henna with plastic and wool; I left the indigo uncovered.

My normal hair colour was light chestnut, which has turned 90% white/grey. During some years I used Logona umbra (100% organic). However, with this my hair turned more and more copper-orange as the natural white increased. I was unhappy with the colour, coverage on outgrows decreased, but I refused to turn to chemical hair dyes.

I am very satisfied now with the result! A long-searched, excellent solution! Next time I plan to leave the indigo 5 min. longer at the front, but I do not wish my hair to turn too dark. Perhaps you have a suggestion?

One question: are the henna and indigo cultivated organically and sustainably? If not, are there future plans to do so?

Thank you so much!

Very best wishes and success!

Julia, France


 Before Henna After Henna1 After Henna2

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Julia 1
Before Henna
Julia 2
After Henna
Julia 3
After Indigo
 Dry DayLight Evening Lamplight Almost Dry

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

Julia 4
Indigo Hair Almost Dry,Daylight
Julia 5
Indigo Hair, Evening Lamplight
Julia 6
Next Morning, Daylight



Received : 6.9.10

Dear Sabrina,

The result of the second treatment was better, no more patches. A uniform shiny chestnut. Sorry no photos, but I’ll try make some during the next process. My sisters and friends are all compliments and they find it hard to believe that no chemicals are involved.

Good luck and best wishes,


Received 4.8.10

Dear Sabrina,

I have received the package today and tried the henna & indigo right away for the first time. It was a rather messy adventure and took a couple of hours, but quite worthwhile. Result is marvellous! I’m very happy with it! I wish I’d found your site before!!

For years I have been trying to get some natural colour in my hair, turning white-grey. Too stubborn for chemical dyes. From sage-tea to walnut juice, the bathroom wall was coloured but not my hair.

I have made photos at each stage. I will send them to you soon with details. Thanks so much for this solution!

Very best wishes,

Julia, France