Issue : Overall Colour too dark / roots not dark enough

QUESTION: I’ve been ordering Rennaissance Henna and Indigo for years and I’m very happy with the products. I’m 55 years old with over 50% grey hair which I cover with henna and indigo using the 2 stage method. I have long, fine hair, the original colour is mid-dark brown with highlights. I use henna and leave it covered for about 3 hours then rinse it out. I then leave the indigo on my hair, covered, for about 1-1 hour 30 mins. The result of this is that all the grey is covered but the overall colour is too dark, black. I’ve followed the suggestions on your website of leaving the indigo on for less time.
If I leave the indigo on for less than 1-1 hour 30 mins the orange colour from the henna is not fully covered by the indigo, leaving a stripe of about half-1 inch of orange around my scalp and the rest of my hair very dark. Please could you advise me if there’s a way of toning down the henna with indigo to a mid-dark brown with highlights without my hair going black?
Kind regards,


Hi Jill

The best thing to do I think will be to apply indigo twice ( a nuisance in terms of time factor, but this may be the best solution). So do your henna as you normally do and then follow with indigo for 35-45 mins only on all of your hair; don’t use hair conditioner when you wash it out; then a couple of days later, or the next day ( or the same day if you’re up to it ! ), apply indigo to roots only for an hour). This means that the majority of the hair is going to end up lighter in colour than the roots by the time you’ve done the second indigo application on the roots, but it should all blend in nicely none the less.

Or you can do it the other way around: henna as usual; then indigo the roots only for 1.5-2 hours and wash out, but no hair conditioner; then next day, or 2 days later ( or same day) apply indigo 35-45 mins to the rest of your hair + roots ( or less time if you want it lighter still).

The last option is: do your henna and indigo as you normally do, and then henna all of hair again the next day or a few days later – that will lift the overall colour.

What you should find is it’s just the roots which are the troublesome areas,and that once the roots are grown out the hair holds its colour.

I hope this helps !