What Do I Buy?

What do I buy?

If you are new to henna and indigo, your starting point is our boxed starter Hair Colour Kit – it contains everything you need to get started + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through the whole process. It contains enough henna and indigo for at least 2 applications on medium length hair (or 3 -4 applications on short hair).  It’s the very first product item listed on our shop page.

If you’re not sure what to buy, study the hair colour galleries and the customer feedback page in depth, and also take a look at product information on the shop page. You will see pop up information boxes when you click on the “more about….” links.

It is very hard to accurately predict precise colour shade results, and especially how long the colour will last, as this varies considerably from person to person. Try if you wish, and then be prepared for some experimentation until you get it just perfect!

We do offer “combo deals” which allow you to purchase larger quantities at a discount.