Forgotten Benefits

Henna and Cassia Obovata were originally used for hair, health and healing. Their “wellbeing” properties are unfortunately largely overlooked in todays world which now focuses almost exclusively on henna for body art. Apart from beautiful hair, I consider it a bonus blessing that I now sleep better than ever before and I’m convinced that every time I apply henna to my scalp – and I like to apply it liberally to wherever else the paste will stretch to in hot weather, like all over my neck and upper back (beware skin stains if you want to try this) – I feel cool and refreshed. All the aches and tensions are soothed away to leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed, revitalised and totally at ease with the world. My occasional bouts of dandruff are gone too ! I don’t know if science has proven it yet, but I know my own science, and I believe in it. Henna is not only a hair colour idea. It’s a whole therapy in itself. Henna is a blessing not to be ignored or scoffed at. Try it for yourself. My products are safer than a PPD hair dye and do not contain PPD – there are no added chemicals to watch out. I’ve taken care to ensure that my Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit is a hair colour product that gives you maximum freshness and potency from pure ground henna leaves and indigo leaves and nothing else.

A word of warning : If you do decide to try spreading henna or cassia obovata all over the body, avoid eye areas and genitals; only because I’ve never heard of them being used there before so I just don’t know if there are any risks to watch out for ( but if you need to know, then visit and enter the X rated forums area – you’ll have to get permission first from the site administrator). Secondly, remember that henna will stain your skin red or red orange – it varies depending on your skin tone and natural body temperature. If you’re looking just for a therapeutic treatment and you want to avoid skin stain, then try using just cassia obovata – it’s a beautiful skin and nail conditioning treatment and it’s nature’s best hair conditioner. Although it looks very similar to henna, it generally doesn’t stain all.

Finally, if you’re contemplating using henna or cassia obovata for general healing , wellbeing, aches and pains etc., all over your body, I strongly recommend you only do so in warm weather. Henna and cassia obovata are very cooling, so if it’s already cold, and if you’re in a cold house, forget it ! You need a warm house, or a warm day to try this out – the hotter it is, the better.