Plant Based Hair Dye for Sensitive Scalp

We’re on a mission to promote plant based hair dyes ! Because we care about sensitive scalps and love colouring hair with things which are natural.

We want you to achieve your hair goals and get beautiful hair and beautifully coloured hair just by utilising the power of plants ! Even if you’re allergic to chemical based hair dye or suffer with eczema, psoriasis or other sensitivity which  restricts or prevents your use of normal hair dye, we have an alternative plant based hair dye solution to colouring your hair that works. It’s worked for many people with allergy to PPD in hair dyes and it’s recommended by dermatologists to patients with allergy and sensitivities to hair dye and other chemical based beauty products.

Cruelty Free, Vegan Hair Dye

We do not believe in cruelty to people or animals.Our ethos is self respect,and a love  for human life, health,and hair. Our mission is colour your hair utilising the power of plants which grow in the harshest of conditions and yet survive to make a difference. Welcome to the Renaissance Henna world of natural hair colour from all plants of the earth, with love, x


hair dye for sensitive scalp and for PPD hair dye allergy - profile image of model's head with short black hair and sharp fringe cut over her forehead
With our sensitive scalp hair dye, you can get natural dark black hair & natural dark brown hair with just henna & indigo


We hope that your visit to our site will put to rest a mountain of misconceptions and encourage you to try plant based hair dyes and natural beauty products from a brand that exists not solely to make profit, but to promote what is good and pure. Pure henna and indigo natural hair colour will revive hair, colour intensely, and bring you back for more! We will show you that there is more to hair colour than synthetic chemical hair dye. All our herbal hair colour product ingredients contain 100% plants.


Most of our natural beauty plant based products come from India.

Plant based hair dye, hand holding stalk with green leaves
Plant based hair dye


Trees & Plants of India.


We also source the best natural hair dye and natural beauty products from Morocco and Yemen.

Plant based products for natural hair colour , image of henna powder in a sack in a room full of other plant based commodities
Plant based products for natural hair colour




•     We do not use PPD, metallic salts, artificial additives, or any synthetic chemicals in any of our
•    We do not sell or promote any so called “reputable brands” that contain them.

There is no such thing as black henna.

Anything sold as “black henna”  usually contains PPD and is dangerous: DO NOT USE IT !


Our pure henna hair powder and pure indigo hair powder are 100% pure. Our henna powder contains only lawsonia inermis, and
our indigo powder contains only indigofera tinctoria. There are carefully and responsibly sourced and harvested  from the  purest desert earth sources and have nothing at all added to them.

All our products are 100% herbal and if there is a need for a preservative you can be sure we will source the most natural preservative.


Natural Hair Dyes from Plants, Picture of Forest, Tree Lined Avenue
          “From the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind”, Walden, Henry David Thoreau.                                                              

We hope you will enjoy Renaissance Henna natural beauty products which are brought to you with love,  x


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