Vegan Plant Based Hair Dye

Vegan plant based hair dye has to be the future of  safe hair dye in a world in which chemical hair dye companies must now take responsibility.

Renaissance Henna hair colour specialists have been sourcing plant based hair dye from plants and herbs around the world since 2005 and have developed  natural hair dyes that achieve stunning natural herbal hair colour.

Our ethos is very simple : we take what the earth gives  and we add nothing. All our plant based hair dye products are free from chemicals and are naturally organic. We do not add PPD, ammonia, metallic salts, or anything else. Our products are 100% plant based beauty products.

The key natural ingredients in our plant based hair dyes  are : Henna (lawsonia inermis) , Indigo Leaf Powder (indigofera tinctoria) , and Cassia Obovata (sometimes referred to as “neutral henna”) all of which, along with Amla (emblica officinalis)  and Neem (azadirachta indica), are finding their place in the world of pure herbal hair colour and natural beauty.

The process for producing our plant plant based hair dye products is simple : we dry the leaves of the plants, we crush them, powder them, and finely sieve them to remove impurities. This process ensures the finest and purest powders. Simply add water  to trigger the dye release process. Visit our vegan plant based hair dyes shop here.

Herbal Hair Colour



There are currently no UK High Street stockists selling our products. Please beware of any outlets purporting to sell our plant based hair dye products as they may not be genuine.  If in doubt, contact us.

If you would like to see our pure vegan plant based hair dye products on the High Street, please write to your local supermarket, health store, or hair salon, asking them to stock Renaissance Henna plant based products.

If you’ve used our products, please leave us a review by logging in to your account and then telling everyone all about it !

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