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The Real Natural Hair Colour for Men !

Henna & Indigo Real Natural Hair Colour

When GQ explored natural hair dye options for men, how could they possibly have failed to identify  pure henna and indigo as real natural hair colour for men  !

Seems they explored everything but real plant based hair dye which effectively colours even 100% grey hair. Men’s hair colour transformation feedback  tap here ! 

Here’s the key advice from GQ :

“If you’re dyeing at home

If you insist on dyeing your gray hairs at home, then heed this advice: Go for subtly, not shock. Most men’s hair dyes, when matched to your tone, are already going to honor this code—particularly the ones that explicitly color grays. They give you a softer finish, and are designed to target the small specks. On the other hand, hair dye boxes with big, shiny hair models are often targeted at people looking to go for one bold but uniform transformation. (That’s not you in this case.)”


“Pick a gray-targeting dye

As we mentioned, you want to pick a hair dye that targets gray hairs specifically, by looking for labels that speak to “gray coverage”. You’ll choose a shade that closely resembles your own (err on the lighter side, if you’re not sure entirely certain which one to choose), and the dye will subtly match the grays to your natural color.”

asian man in white T shirt and sun glasses with dark hair colour for men dark brown black
Buy real natural hair colour kit for men dark brown black hair colour (comes with detailed instructions booklet)


Henna & Indigo are not only natural hair dyes made from plants, they give you complete control over your hair colour from start to finish. You can be as subtle or dramatic as you choose to be. It’s all about learning where exactly you want to be on the colour spectrum and understanding that henna and indigo together are naturally gray targeting  !

We’re here to help if you need advice or help with applying henna / indigo and we’re passionate about going chemical free . Simply mix each powder with water  to create your hair colour paste and apply one at a time or pre mixed. Either way you’ll get subtle hair colour or dramatic hair colour, depending on how you choose to mix your product and how long you apply it for. You can apply henna and indigo with ease at home or ask your hair salon to apply it for you. Oh, and you don’t have to be grey to enjoy henna & indigo ! They colour soft auburn, auburn, brown, and black, Or go for amla to subtly darken the greys or cassia obovata to naturally highlight the blondes.