Hair Elasticity & Dry Hair

You can test your hair elasticity before applying henna to check if you may need to pre-condition it. You’ll probably already know if you have dry hair, but if you don’t, then follow this tip: pull off or cut a single strand of hair, or unravel one from your hairbrush, wrap it around your index fingers, and stretch the hair. If the strand does not increase by a minimum of one third, your hair may need some pre conditioning. Regular blow drying and use of hair tongs, chemical hair products,and hair styling tools all contribute to hair damage and deterioration in your hair elasticity. If your hair stretches by at least a third and returns to it’s original length when you release it from the stretch, you have healthy hair !


Top half of Woman with shoulder length reddish brown hair wearing a green top over a black turtle neck, standing in front of pink blossoms
Looking after your hair


Remember that as you get older your hair loses its Omega-3 fatty acids. Oils such as pure Argan Oil  help put them back. Pure Argan Oil contains  naturally high levels of  Vitamin E, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Our Argan Oil is pure cold pressed oil and has had nothing added to it.


Argan Hair Oil. Portrait of beautiful young woman with healthy long hair
Argan Oil puts the essential fatty acids back into your hair for sleek hair conditioning and healthy hair


Natural Hair Oils Help Maintain Hair Elasticity

natural hair oils for dry hair improve hair elasticity; vitamin capsules on glossy, health hair
natural hair oils for dry hair improve hair elasticity


If you are pre conditioning your hair, warm just a little oil in the palms of your hands and gently massage through to the hair roots and ends. Post hair colour conditioning requires the slightest amount of oil to touch the hair ends; the oil will spread when you gently brush or comb your hair. Our turmeric and neem oil will provide intensive hair conditioning for dry hair. Amla oil is rich in Vitamin C, to maintain hair health. Our Ayurvedic Amla Oil contains a whole range of herbs and extracts to nourish and protect your hair, including Shikakai, Bhringraj, and Amla, along with Aloe Vera and Lawsone extract ( non staining).

natural hair oils for dry hair
natural hair oils for dry hair


For a refreshing Indian scalp massage and itchy dry scalp relief we recommend our Amla Fresh natural hair oil.

If you choose to intensively pre condition your hair before henna,  apply oil liberally to your scalp and work it well all through your hair either the night before you shampoo, or at least an hour before each shampoo if you can’t stand oil in your hair for long; apply a cling film wrap and/ or hot towel wrap on top for a more intense  heat treatment that will help the oil to penetrate the hair shaft and absorb moisture; then shampoo out thoroughly. Both cassia obovata and/or oiling your hair are excellent hair conditioning treatments for dry hair ( cassia obovata will in fact benefit all hair types, but especially dry and damaged hair) and this, along with our range of natural hair washes, should eliminate the need to use a commercial hair conditioner altogether. It doesn’t really matter whether you apply henna to wet or dry hair, oiled or grease free hair. My personal preference is to apply it to absolutely dry hair (just before it needs a wash), especially in our cool climate. And if it’s winter time, don’t forget to wrap up and make sure the house is warm.

Henna and Dry Hair

Although henna will condition your hair, very dry hair will still benefit from fortnightly or monthly conditioning with cassia obovata, and from occasional natural hair washing with rhassoul clay, reetha powder, or shikakai powder.