Help Please

Help ! Request for Henna Hair Colour Pictures

Any volunteers for henna / indigo hair colour photos? It would be great if we could work together to build up the Hair Colour Gallery [see links at the top of this page]. If you’re willing, please e mail your photos taken before and after henna and indigo on chemically treated or chemically untreated hair or hair which has gone through the chemical dye or metallic salt remission period.

Hair photos would be most welcome, and will only serve to benefit everyone who is anxious to see and learn how henna and indigo works in real life on hair and what the outcome is likely to be. It’s also a way of demonstrating that henna isn’t just about body art, and that it’s not just a seventies fad that has come and gone ! Henna has a special place in time. It was around long before the 70’s ! Many wise and beautiful hearts and souls cherished it and taught us to use it. If we’re wise, and if we support and encourage one and other in our henna voyage, together we can sail towards many happy henna days and put chemical hair dyes behind us !  I’m particularly keen to hear from people who know how to do highlights and lowlights (& all that jazz), who might be willing to share their henna experiments / experiences and send in hair photos. Thank you !