Henna Concoctions

Henna Additives,Indian Rhubarb Root for Natural Blonde Highlights, and Henna  & Dandruff

Common henna additives are extremely temporary in my experience and don’t give lasting hair colour. Henna people recommend adding all sorts of weird and wonderful things to their henna pastes. I’ve tried coffee, strong brown tea, and beetroot. The coffee gave me a nasty headache. The tea didn’t achieve anything – not even a nice smell. And the beetroot was disappointing. I’d boiled the beetroot and left them soaking overnight to get a really strong coloured burgundy potion. Didn’t do anything to my end result henna hair colour…. but that could be because I have very dark colour hair, and on a much lighter hair shade it might just have made some sort of burgundy impact.

I think it’s all part of the fun to add stuff to your henna – whatever comes to mind ! But I’m sceptical about whether the addition of some things really do help you to get a different hair colour, so don’t expect too much. You can try it if you like – it can be fun, and you may achieve hair colour shades on lighter hair which won’t show up on darker hair. But don’t be surprised if your additives wash out quickly. The true colour and the lasting colour lies in your henna and indigo, and they are the source.


Henna for Blondes

It’s important to remember that henna and indigo will darken and not lighten hair. If you have a very light brown hair colour or blonde hair colour and you don’t want an absolutely gorgeous red hot hair colour, you could aim for a softer red by mixing up equal quantities of henna and cassia obovata with a chamomile infusion ( a chamomile tea brew) and a dash of organic cidar vinegar.That’ll give you a milder softer red. But don’t skip the strand test – it ’s still all important if you want to work towards getting the right hair colour, even though the results can be disappointing from the strand test alone. Alternatively, try my Indian rhubarb root powder for natural golden highlights in blonde hair. Used in conjunction with cassia obovata, Indian rhubarb root will help to naturally condition and highlight blonde hair without henna hair colour… it’s the perfect natural hair treatment for blondes !

Try my Moroccan dbargh powder for a fascinating brick red colour – you’ll notice it’s amazing colour immediately as you add it to your henna paste, but hair shade results will vary depending on how light or dark your hair colour is to start with.

Amla in your henna paste (in the Renaissance natural hair care shop) will not only tone down your henna colour, it will also super boost your hair with vitamin C and add a touch of curl ! Amla is a great way to boost your hair and get some natural waves in at the same time !

Other stuff like crushed walnut shells and crushed cloves [for brown], paprika [ for spicy red hair colour ] , and turmeric [ for deep yellowy blonde hair colour ] , amongst other things, are sometimes added to mixes, in varying quantities, to produce different hair colour shades. It’s all good fun and it’s all very experimental and if you want to aim for a certain hair colour shade you do need to experiment. Beware of nut and clove allergies though; cloves can be an irritant.

I don’t generally promote mixes for beginners as I think it’s best to stick with basic henna and indigo to start with so you can appreciate how well they work alone and so that you will be able to tell the difference in hair colour tone on subsequent applications when additives are used – this  way you can determine the extent to which your additives really do adjust your hair colour.

Adding other stuff to henna to treat dandruff

Try Renaissance India Blue Sky Neem powder ! It’s powerful stuff and it’s finally winning a well deserved seat of honour in clinical trials. You can add it to your henna or use it alone as a dandruff fighter. Try it to experience it….it may well be the first time you’ve tried a dandruff product that actually does work !


I am constantly researching a range of natural plant stuffs and will always be adding to my natural hair care shop effective natural additives that you can use in your henna mixes if you want to experiment further ! Please dispel the myths and tell everyone you know about real henna ! Be a part of the real henna renaissance !