G6PD Enzyme Deficiency & Henna

G6PD enzyme deficiency is a genetic condition.

Henna is not suitable for anyone who is glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase G6PD enzyme deficient – if in doubt, check with your doctor.


What is henna ?

Due to G6PD enzyme deficiency, neither is henna suitable for use on infants,  young children, or anyone who is severely anaemic.  Please check with your doctor before you use henna, indigo, or cassia obovata if you are  G6PD enzyme deficient. It is possible to be diagnosed G6PD enzyme deficient and not be allergic to PPD. The two are not linked.

* Many well respected and knowledgeable henna artists will henna young children without any concern as it is considered safe. We advise caution, however, on using henna on children under seven years old.


See : here for pictures of  poisonous plants


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We do have customers with G6PD enzyme deficiency who , following medical advice, have successful used our henna and indigo.  However, if you know you are G6PD enzyme deficient and you wish to use henna and indigo, you must consult your doctor for advice. Never use henna on  young children.


Is Henna Safe?