Henna Add Ins

Common henna add ins are  temporary and don’t give lasting hair colour.

Henna Add Ins on Lighter Colour Hair

On lighter hair colours you’ll get  hair colour shades with add ins  which won’t show up on darker hair colours.

Having Fun with Your Henna Add Ins

We think it’s all part of the fun to add stuff to your henna hair dye – whatever henna add ins come to mind ! Beetroot water, squashed or boiled blueberries, chamomile tea, saffron, paprika, etc. But don’t expect permanent hair dye from these add ins as they will wash out quickly ; think of them as temporary dye.


hennas add ins, rack of spice jars containing different colour spices and herbs
Henna add ins in your spice cupboard include paprika & turmeric
Turmeric henna add in for blondesplate with turmeric powder and wooden spoon

Turmeric henna add in for blondes








Which Henna Add Ins to Use for Brown Hair Colour

Crushed walnut shells and crushed cloves are good for getting brown hair colour

Which Add Ins to  Use for Spicy Red hair Colour


Which Add Ins to Use for Golden Tones on Blonde Hair Colour


Nut Allergies

Beware of nut allergies when considering henna add ins and remember that cloves can be an irritant.



Plant Based Hair Dye Renaissance Henna Specialists
Add ins are often added to plant based hair dye


How Henna & indigo Work on Light Hair Colour Shades and on Dark Hair Colour Shades

It’s important to remember that henna and indigo will darken and not lighten hair. You’ll get the most out of henna ins if you’re light brunette or blonde and you want a softer hair colour.

On darker hair colours we do not recommend using add ins on a first time henna hair application. This is so that you can appreciate how well henna and indigo work alone and so that you will be able to tell the difference in your hair colour shade on later applications when you use henna additives. This  way you can determine the extent to which your add ins really do adjust your hair colour.

Henna Add Ins for Light Brunettes

For a soft red hair dolour on blonde or light brunette hair colour,  mix up equal quantities of our henna with herbs and cassia obovata using a chamomile infusion (a chamomile tea brew) plus a dash of organic cidar vinegar. That’ll give you a milder softer red hair colour. We recommend that you always do a strand test.

henna with add ins on light brunette hair colour, photo of woman with long soft brown hair wearing a black coat with grey fur collar
Henna with cassia obovata  on light brunette hair colour
Acacia catechu with amla hair colour
Acacia catechu with amla on light brunette hair colour



Add Ins for Blondes

Add ins for blonde hair include our organic Indian rhubarb root powder for natural golden highlights in blonde hair. Used together with cassia obovata, Indian rhubarb root will help to naturally condition and highlight blonde hair without henna. It’s a natural hair treatment for blondes.


Short Blonde Afro Caribbean Hair on Beautiful Woam Wearing Fur Collared Coat
Cassia Obovata and Rhubarb Root Plant Hair Conditioner for Blonde Hair will condition and add golden highlights to blonde hair
Blue Higfhlights in Long Blonde Hair, woman with long blonde hair walking down a street
Indigo dye natural blue highlights in blonde or bleached hair
Hibiscus add in to blonde hair
Hibiscus  + indigo 50:50 add in to blonde hair for lilac hair colour



Hibiscus Plant Hair Dye is a Semi Permanent Natural Purple Hair Dye; beautiful woman in a field with long blonde hair with mild purple highlights
Hibiscus Plant Hair Dye is a Semi Permanent Natural Purple Hair Dye; on its own it gives ice pink hair colour in blonde hair


Our Moroccan Dbargh oakwood powder makes a brick red colour which  you’ll notice immediately as you add it to your henna paste. But hair shade results will vary depending on how light or dark your hair colour is to start with.


Oakwood powder or dbarrgh powder colours blonde hair light copper red; picture of woman in a field against a soft sunset glow with fine long hair glowing copper red
Oakwood Powder also known as Dbarrgh is a plant hair dye which colours blonde hair light copper red



Amla in your henna paste will not only tone down your henna colour, it will also super boost your hair with vitamin C and add a touch of curl ! Amla is a great way to boost your hair and get  natural waves at the same time.


Amla curl and natural hair waves, woman with thick,curly hair, tight curls
Amla curl


Adding other stuff to henna to treat dandruff

Neem Powder is finally winning a well deserved seat of honour in clinical trials. You can add it to your henna or use it alone as an anti bacterial, anti dandruff hair treatment.


Visit our natural hair care shop for all add ins and natural dandruff treatments.

Henna Add Ins
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