Pre Mixing Indigo & Henna

Indigo mixed with henna creates beautiful natural brown and black hair colours. Whether you apply henna and indigo together or separately, in a one step or two step process,depends on your starting colour and what hair colour you want to achieve.

Indigo Mixed with Henna in Two Step Henna Hair Colour Process:

Applying henna and indigo separately, in two separate stages, gives you maximum control over your end hair colour and ensures the best colour take on 100% grey hair. We do not recommend pre mixing henna and indigo pastes for 100% grey hair until after at least your third henna & indigo application. This allows for colour build before you start applying the hair colours in one step. You will still need to maintain the 2 step application process in between to ensure excellent colour take on grey roots as they grow.

Combining your henna and indigo using a one step hair colour process, which saves time, is suitable only for those  without grey hair or with less than 10 % grey hair.

If you are new to henna and indigo, we recommend you start with one of our henna & indigo beginner hair colour kits which comes with everything you need, and a detailed Instructions Booklet to help you get started.

On grey hair you need to allow up to 2 hours for your henna application; this time can be reduced to an hour with use of  a hair drier set to a moderate heat setting or a hair colour heat cap. Heat helps henna to release its dye faster.

If you’re aiming for a brown hair colour on grey hair you will need to apply indigo after henna and  this will take 30 to 35 minutes for a dark brown hair colour.

If you’re aiming for a black hair colour on grey hair you will need to apply indigo after henna and this will take approximately 1 hour.

The longer you leave the indigo in your hair the darker it goes.


Organic Henna and Indigo Natural Hair Dye
Black Hair dyed with henna & indigo natural hair dye

Indigo Mixed with Henna in One Step Henna Hair Colour Process:

To darken your hair colour towards chestnut brown and brown black, you may apply henna and indigo using the  one step process if you have no greys. Simply prepare your henna paste, and just before you’re ready to colour your hair, prepare your indigo paste, then combine the pastes together and apply to your hair for  anywhere between 30 minutes for light chestnut brown to 1 hour or 2 to 3 hours for a dark brown  to brown black hair colour. Pre mixing won’t allow the more precise control over the end hair colour which you’ll get with the two step process, but you’ll still get a beautiful, well blended, dark hair colour in between brown and touching on black, depending on how long you leave the colour in for. Pre mixing the henna and indigo pastes won’t touch true black as the henna will control the indigo uptake.


Indigo mixed with henna: Mix indigo with henna for a one step henna hair colour application, lady in stripey T shirt with natural wavy hair, dark hair colour with lowlight glints of henna red
Mix indigo with henna for a one step henna hair colour application


Which Natural Hair Colour Method Is Best ?

It depends on you. Embracing natural hair colour is a journey, and the twists and turns all lead to beautiful hair colour in the end. Whichever method you use, if you’ve previously dyed your hair and the colour is uneven, don’t worry, you will get well blended hair colour with henna and indigo hair colour provided you apply the colour to all of your hair. We do not recommend doing only the roots on a first time application. Once you’ve built up your henna indigo hair colour you may colour just the roots in between if you prefer; the colour will still blend. You may want to experiment with different methods and see what works best for you. There are no fixed hard and fast rules with henna and indigo.


Henna hair colour journey, Indian lady in traditional costum ewith long hair plait hanging down her back, dancing under a shaded arch
The Henna Journey is Beautiful

Do I Need Henna for Black Hair  ?

If you already have dark colour hair and you want to darken it towards jet black or blue black, use indigo on its own; you don’t need henna or indigo mixed with henna.

This how Stylecraze do it – we do it differently – but we also get you stunning henna indigo hair colour results  every time !


We Provide Instructions to Help You in Your Natural Henna & Indigo Hair Colour Journey

All our packets of henna and indigo carry instructions and tell you how to prepare and apply indigo mixed with henna for best hair colour results.


plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes, close up of green leaf
plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes


We believe in green. Plant-based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dyes.