Where our Henna is From

Most of our our henna is Rajasthani henna and comes from the region of Rajasthan in India.We also source henna from Morocco and other areas of the world wherever we can identify a pure desert earth source of henna leaves. The henna we sell is clearly identified as Indian or Moroccan henna.

We work closely with suppliers in India and Morocco to ensure that farmers cultivate and pack the freshest and purest henna, indigo, and cassia obovata.

Our Indian henna is cultivated in Western India in a region called Sojat Rajasthan. Henna has been cultivated in Rajasthan since about 1476.

Here are some photos of the henna fields where our henna grows :


Indian henna growing in field
Indian Henna Field



Rajasthani henna is known for its very strong henna dye stain
Rajasthani henna is known for its very strong henna dye stain



Indian Henna, Indian ladies in henna filed
Indian Henna

All our Rajasthani henna and Moroccan henna is pure henna and contains a high lawsone dye content


Shop Natural Beauty Products Renaissance Henna, INdian lady wearing gholden jewellery and red silk traditional dress
Natural Beauty Products Renaissance Henna

Absolutely Pure Henna, Cruelty Free

There are absolutely no additives, chemicals, PPD, or artificial colour dyes in any of our natural hair dye products. Renaissance Henna Hair Colour is 100% pure lawsonia inermis, 100% pure indigofera tinctoria, and 100% pure cassia obovata.

All our products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.


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Rajasthani henna; beautiful Indian woman in traditional decorated clothingwith her head covered
Rajasthani henna is amongst the best henna for strong, fast, dye release