Storing Henna & Indigo

Storing henna and indigo correctly,in order to maintain potency of the dye, means you must always store henna powder and indigo powder in a cool, dry, dark place, out of sunlight, and out of the reach of children. Unopened packets of  Renaissance henna, indigo, cassia obovata, and other plant products, will easily last up to five years or longer if stored correctly. But once opened, it’s best to use them within 12 months as they may be less effective after that. Seal opened henna and indigo packets with a peg or selotape and store away in the back of a cupboard or dry, dark place.

Storing Henna : Freeze Henna

You can freeze unopened henna powder for up to  3 years  and you can freeze freshly mixed henna paste in an airtight container for up to at least a month or longer. And next time you’re in a hurry you can let it defrost by sitting it in a bowl of hot water water, and it’s ready to use without the wait for dye release ! Heating it in the microwave is optional.

Freshly mixed henna paste will also keep in the fridge in hot weather for at least 2 days or longer, and although it is likely to keep for just as long on your counter top, it is preferable to cover it and keep it in the fridge to stay as fresh as possible once dye has released. Alternatively, mix up your paste and put it straight in the fridge. Take it out the night before you want to use it, allowing seven to eight hours for dye release. You may then heat up the paste if you wish to do so before applying it to your hair, or simply apply the cool henna paste; either way will  give you the same colour result.


Freezing henna, picture of frozen small white flowers on a green stalk
Frozen Henna Flowers


There’s nothing better than cold freshly defrosted henna on your head and in your hair in the heat of summer time. Try it also on the soles of your feet to keep your feet cool, but remember that they will turn orange.

Henna on your feet : picture of Indian lady in long, swirly pink skirt, revealing decorated feet
henna will cool the soles of your feet


Once you’ve got the hang of henna, you can buy the bigger quantity packs and mix lots of it in advance and, after dye release, pack it into handy margarine size tubs in your freezer. It saves time.

Storing Henna and Indigo : Henna & Indigo Deals

storing henna and indigo