Which Henna Should I Buy

Which Henna?

In answer to the question which henna should I buy, provided it’s 100% lawsonia inermis and it’s had nothing added to it, henna is henna, and it’s going to colour your hair a henna shade of red.  Whether it’s labelled BAQ henna, pure henna, purest henna, organic henna, certified organic henna, fairtrade henna, soil associated certified henna or eco cert henna, real henna is real henna regardless of the label. The labels may indicate some variation in the manufacturing and production processes,  or soil source; but beyond all that it’s important to remember that the end colour result will generally be pretty much the same whichever one you use. The important thing, before you decide which henna to buy, is to decide that you trust the people you buy from.



Hands Holding Natural Hair Dye Plant
Natural Hair Dyes from Plants


Which henna you opt for in the long term is very much a matter of personal preference. Go with whichever one works best first for you. The determining factors for some people in deciding which long term henna to opt for are : powder consistency, ease of application, and earth source and environment. If you’re new to henna, we recommend you start with our Pure Pakeezah Henna (it’s the one in our boxed Renaissance Henna Herbal Hair Colour Kit). Then try some of our other hennas and compare the hair colour results and experience.  Pakeezah is not “certified organic” but it’s as pure henna as you’ll get from a non certified source. There are non certified sources that meet the standards but, mainly for financial reasons, these sources cannot get certification. We generally prefer that beginners start their henna journey with non organic, non body art,  pure henna, with nothing added to it except water. This way you can get a real feel for what it is, how it works, and how it compares with organic, or body art. If you don’t have a straight yard stick to start with, you won’t be able to properly measure and compare your experiences and results later on. If you’re going to be drawing conclusions, at least start at the humble roots of henna, the raw data at it were, and then progress from there to form your own value judgement based on your first hand experience of pure henna. The you can decide which henna you prefer.

Our suppliers work closely with local farmers to ensure that all standards match organic standard. This includes a total ban on the use of pesticides. However, in a land mass such as India where pesticides are used in a number of industries there can be wind contamination. This is a risk with any products, from any source, in any given region of the world, which is either geographically located close to another region that uses pesticides, or in the line of wind trails which can carry pesticides and other contaminants over far distances. It is unfortunate that very few regions of the earth are completely free of this risk. We don’t think that anyone can honestly  guarantee that anything or everything is pesticide free. Risks exist, and when we make choices, all we can do is balance them and continue to strive to minimise and eliminate them.



If you have no grey, or very little ( less than 20%) , then you’re lucky enough to enjoy organic Herbal Henna Mix ! Ingredients include pure henna + natural hair conditioning herbs + natural hair cleansing herbs. It’s hard to find a word that sums it up –  spectacular ! The exceptionally fine sieve gives it a BAQ  (body art quality) feel. It’s a real hair and mind treat if you want to detox, de-stress, and just fall into the loving arms of henna. It’s got the extra mile. But we don’t recommend it on very grey hair because it will just slightly hold back the full fire of henna on its own. On grey you need absolute fire before you can get the cooler tones that indigo gives. If you’re after auburn, chestnut, chocolate brown hair colour tones, and you don’t have a huge amount of grey, this is your one step to hair heaven.

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It’s a super fine sieve henna powder, works itself to a super sticky fine consistency, and is easy to work with. Emits pure, lasting colour and comes from a pure earth source ( on one level, arguably,, purer than any certified organic henna in other parts of the world). For this reason, and others, some people just fall in love with the stuff and can’t bear to ever part company with it.



Pakeezah BAQ is a super fine sieve henna, works itself to a super sticky fine consistency, and is easy to work with. Emits pure dynamite, ever lasting colour and comes from the centuries old Indian Rajasthani heartlands of henna.



 If you want the reassurance of henna from an independently certified organic source, here it is. It’s beautiful henna, it’s passed the “organic” certification process, and it’s probably as close to pesticide free and contaminant free as you’ll ever get. This organic henna  comes from farms that are rigorously and regularly checked to ensure organic standards are being implemented and practised. Simply the best !



WHY NOT ? If you want to go for simply the best henna ever, here it is ! It’s finely sieved, it’s organic, and it gives off amazing colour ! This henna  comes from farms that are rigorously and regularly checked to ensure organic standards are being implemented and practised. The freshest henna leaves, high in lawsone dye, are carefully harvested and packed at source to ensure they remain fresh.




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