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The best herbal hair colour is  plant based hair dye.We specialise in producing plant based hair dyes from the most carefully harvested plants. Renaissance Henna hair colour is pure and natural  herbal hair colour which colours all hair types with professional hair colour results. Our natural herbal hair colour will colour your hair red, auburn, brown, and black hair colour without chemicals.

Three plants, henna, indigo, and cassia form the bedrock of  our natural hair colours, but we also source other plant dyes to help you colour your hair beautifully on your natural hair colour journey. Have a look at our Natural Hair Dye Library Menu Resources to the left of this page to find out about henna, indigo and cassia plant hair dyes. If you’re new to herbal hair dye, start with one of our natural hair colour starter kits  : Shop Professional Herbal Hair Colour Kits.


100% Professional Herbal Hair Dye, Renaissance Henna. are herbal hair colour specialists; profile of bottom half of woman's face, highlighting her pink lipstick and choppy black hair cut
100% Professional Herbal Hair Dye colours hair dark brown and black
100% Professional Herbal Hair Dye, Renaissance Henna. are herbal hair colour specialists; green leaves
Renaissance Henna herbal hair colour specialists, help you achieve professional hair colour results with plant-based hair dyes











We specialise in plant-based hair dye and we have been helping women and men with a passion for natural hair dye to colour their hair successfully with professional hair colour results since 2005.


Herbal Hair Colouring With Professional Results


100% herbal professional hair colour, Renaissance Henna Specialists in Natural Hair Colour Since 2005; woman
Renaissance Henna have been sourcing 100% herbal professional hair colour from plants since 2005



Our range of plant hair dyes will colour your hair shades of red, auburn, brown, and black. The end result is determined by your starting colour. We provide a detailed instructions booklet to help you through your first time at home natural hair dye application, as well as extensive website resources and email support.

“From the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind”, Henry David Thoreau.

Thoreau was right – there is everything in the forests and the wilderness which is beneficial for mankind and just waiting to be discovered. We are blessed with herbs, tonics and barks in which lie the key to every ailment, every sickness, and every beauty misery. Man made chemicals and additives are not long term answers that cure the problem; they are a short term fix that tend to do long term damage. The beneficial herbs and tonics and barks of this earth, when properly researched and utilised, do tend to do good to us; and in that lies the greatest good and the long term cure, and it is the way to peace from the oppression and the torment of a chemical world that dominates the world and every aspect of our lives.


Natural hair dye from plants colours and maintains beautiful hair; woman sitting on a leaf hammock in a forest, with her long black hair down her back
Natural hair dye from plants colours and maintains beautiful healthy hair



Whether you share our belief or not, if you are looking for an alternative to PPD hair dyes, try a Renaissance Henna natural hair dye starter Kit. It takes some getting used to in the beginning ; it’s always hard to change the way we think and the way we do things, especially when it seems like too much bother, but we believe if you try you’ll love the results and you won’t ever look back. Why would you when all you can see and feel is the benefit to your hair and health? But best of all is the knowledge that it’s entirely the result of colours and nourishment from the herbs and tonics of this beautiful earth.


plant based hair dyes are the future of natural hair dye; green leaf
plant based hair dyes are natural and 100% chemical free


Herbal Hair Colour is Natural and Beautiful.

Where to start your natural hair colour  journey – here, with Renaissance Henna.

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