Tamil Nadu Indigo

Tamil Nadu  Indigo Colours Your Hair Black 
Indigo after henna colours hair brown and black depending how long you leave the indigo in your hair for.

The climate of Tamil Nadu is tropical in nature with little variation in summer and winter temperatures. While April-June is the hottest summer period with the temperature rising up to the 40ºC mark, November-February is the coolest winter period with temperatures hovering around 20ºC, making the climate quite pleasant. Surprisingly, Tamil Nadu gets all its rains from the north-east monsoons between October and December, when the rest of Tamil Nadu remains dry. The average annual rainfalls in Tamil Nadu range between 25 and 75 inches (635 and 1,905 mm) a year.


black hair swatch showing straight healthy black hair
Tamil Nadu Indigo black hair dye colours hair black without chemicals

What is Indigo

Indigo Black Hair Dye is originally from India:

Indigo’s real name is indigofera tinctoria. In old times Greeks and Romans imported cakes of pigment called “indicum”, meaning “from India”, and this led to the name indigo.

Indigo is a plant that produces a dark blue dye which we all know as the colour used to colour blue jeans.

Indigo Dyes Hair Brown and Black

Indigo hair dye  turns hair brown through to black when it is applied after  henna. Even 100% grey hair goes brown or black when indigo is applied to hair after henna.

However, indigo it will only ever stain the skin blue, not black.


About Indigo Plant Hair Dye

There are many types of indigo plants and indigo powder. Some are poisonous and some are contaminated with toxic chemicals.

The indigo we sell and promote, which we consider the safest for hair, is the powdered leaves of the indigofera tinctoria plant. It’s a greenish colour powder that looks a bit like henna but smells different to henna. It does have a strong smell. Our natural indigo plant hair dye has not undergone any chemical process. Powdered indigofera tinctoria leaves have been used safely as indigo plant hair dye, for centuries, to colour hair black and brown.

The method of extraction, however, can be critical in assessing the safety of indigo plant hair dye. If indigo is chemically extracted, as it is for use in fabric dyes, then other chemicals can contaminate it. This  method often results in purple crystals, not green powder and it is sold as “indigo”.

Blue colour indigo powder is  “vat indigo”, which means it has been  fermented, and probably undergone an extraction process in which chemicals are used. This is not a safe indigo plant hair dye to use.


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Tamil Nadu Indigo to Colour Hair Black
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Tamil Nadu Indigo to Colour Hair Black
Indigo after henna colours hair brown and black depending how long you leave the indigo in your hair for. 
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