Make Your Hair Grow

The truth is that there is no magic potion which will make your hair grow more. If you’re losing hair or it’s not growing like it used to,we recommend that you consult your doctor who may want to do a blood test to rule our conditions such as anaemia, thyroid problems, and vitamin deficiencies. Ask your doctor to advise if a good multi vitamin containing biotin may help.  And take stock of your life, become more aware of what you eat, how much you sleep, how well you sleep, and how stressed you are.  Henna and cassia obovata are therapeutic treatments and great stress busters as well as natural hair treatments. A single application of cassia obovata hair conditioner will boost your hair naturally and make you feel like you’ve got a fuller, thicker head of hair instantly.

Our amla oil and amla hair mask is packed with natural vitamin C, and may make your hair grow. Have a look at our natural hair care products for a whole range of other natural hair care treatments that may help to make your hair grow faster and feel fuller and thicker.


woman with long hair lying on ground with deep natural auburn hair colour
Henna & indigo can make your hair feel fuller and thicker. Henna on its own on brown hair works as a natural dark auburn permanent hair dye


Henna and Cassia Obovata are natural hair treatments will make your hair feel thicker and fuller and give the appearance of fuller hair.

Shikakai, Reetha, and Neem natural hair treatments will also cleanse and condition your hair and make your hair feel fuller and healthier.

Make Your Hair Grow

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