Make Your Hair Grow

Dealing with hair loss and how to make your hair grow more

The truth is that there is no magic potion which makes hair grow more. If you’re losing hair or it’s not growing like it used to, your best bet is to take stock of your life and start to be more aware of what you eat, how much you sleep, how well you sleep, and how stressed you are. Eat healthy, sleep well, and get rid of stress ( try as best you can to identify problems and deal with them anyway; the first step is the hardest, but it’s also ground breaking). Henna and cassia obovata are therapeutic treatments as well and great stress busters. When stress goes, and vitamins abound, hair sprouts ! And a single application of cassia obovata hair conditioner will boost your hair naturally and make you feel like you’ve got a fuller, thicker head of hair instantly.

If you’re suddenly losing hair, see your doctor and ask for a blood test to rule our conditions such as anaemia; and do also ask for your vitamin D levels to be checked (whilst not linked directly with hair loss, it’s now such a common deficiency and is known to cause a sense of general exhaustion). A good multi vitamin containing biotin may help. Our amla oil, naturally packed with vitamin C, will help. Have a look at our natural hair care products for a whole range of other natural hair care treatments that may benefit you.

Becoming aware of certain food additives that may be causing harm and consciously striving to avoid them may help you to eat more healthily. See additives. Oh, and by the way, whilst we’re on the topic of health and well being, did you know that talcum powder is now practically considered poison? Take a look at these : talc link with cancer and dangers of talcum powder. Watch out for talcum powder in cosmetic stuff like eye pencils, foundation, and face powders.