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Finally : A Truly Natural Hair Dye ! Natural hair color !


The Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Colour Kit comes with full instructions. Look through the hair colour galleries to give yourself an idea how it’s likely to turn out. Bear in mind that you’ll only get shocking red / orange tones or highlights on grey or white hair ( which you can easily mute to brown or black with indigo). If you have dark hair, the henna will add deep reddish tones and make your hair look like it has natural red lowlights; any odd greys will look like reddish highlights. The difference between lowlights and highlights? Highlights brighten your hair ( and can be shocking !) , whilst lowlights deepen your hair and are more subtle.

My Story – why I ditched loreal hair dye

My Loreal Hair Colour & PPD Story

Like Thoreau, I entered the wilderness voluntarily when I gave up on the modern world. When I stopped using hair dyes I thought that was the end of my beautiful hair days but, as I started to research the alternatives, I found his beautiful words ringing true in my ears – “from the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind…..”

My black hair started going grey in my teens and by the time I hit thirty I practically had a halo. In the beginning I turned to commercial hair dyes. I wanted a natural look so I went for black and occasionally dark brown. My scalp used to itch and sometimes sting when I used hair dye. A bald patch developed in the midst of my usually thick and healthy hair and my hair started to thin, all of which I put down to stress at the time. I knew nothing about the dangers of paraphenylene diamene hair dyes back then. I was simply grateful that I could cover my mass of grey hair and not have to walk around looking like I was only pretending to be youthful.

Later on, I heard about the hair dye cancer scares and allergic reactions which people were experiencing. But what really hit home was when a friend of mine suffered an appalling reaction to a famous brand of hair dye out of the blue, despite having used hair dye safely for years before then without any trouble. Her face and body blew up like a giant balloon; she was in agony and had to be rushed to one hospital and then another. Her condition was life threatening and she was lucky to survive. That was frightening. And she’s not the only one it’s happened to. That made me decide once and for all to opt out of the commercial hair dye farce and look for a natural alternative.

It was then I turned to “henna”, only the penny didn’t drop until years later that it wasn’t pure henna I was using. It was fancy looking packets, with images of gorgeous looking hair on the front, marketed as “henna” hair colour powder which in fact contained henna mixed with paraphenylene diamene dye, also known as PPD. No different to the cancer scare/life threatening commercial hair dye brands I’d already fallen for. I was even dumb enough to buy “black henna”, not knowing any better.