Bleaching Hair

Bleaching hair is dangerous and involves altering the natural make up of your hair. The melanin which provides your natural hair colour is chemically altered to a colourless compound and the change cannot be reversed. The hair is permanently damaged and will become brittle and probably unmanageable. Nothing can restore it. Thankfully, hair grows, and new hair growth spells hope ! If you’ve bleached your hair, and you want to restore it,  let it grow out before considering your natural hair dye options.

bleaching hair; woman with short, bleached hair, standing by a net, wearing white sports T shirt

Bleaching Hair

What does bleach actually do to your hair ?


Hair Restoration

To restore dry, damaged hair, we recommend:

Moroccan Argan Oil for deep moisture treatment conditioning

Rhassoul Clay Hair Wash

Shikakai Natural Hair Wash and Conditioning Treatment

Amla Hair Mask treatment

To restore natural colour and shine in damaged blonde hair we recommend Cassia Obovata and Rhubarb Root hair conditioning treatment which will naturally highlight blonde hair and condition at the same time.

restoring bleached hair is easy with natural  hair care products like cassia obovata; woman wearing yellow cardigan leaning forwards with long blonde hair
restoring bleached hair is easy with natural hair care products like cassia obovata


Natural Blonde Hair Care

To understand what hair colour you can get with natural hair dye, let Renaissance Henna help you find your way  :

Cassia Obovata

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