Other hair dyes

Give it a Go !

Here are some reasons why you should try to steer clear of chemical hair dyes : –

hair dye allergy / hair dye reaction
• danger of cancer from hair dye
PPD in hair dye

Just google around or type these key words into any search engine and study the results :
• hair dye cancer
hair dye dangers 
• hair dye ingredients
• what is ppd
• hair dye alternative / hair dye alternatives ( if you study the alternatives, you’ll see that just about all of them have additives and some degree of synthetic chemical ingredients)

Here are some good reasons why you should try henna and indigo :

• natural hair dye + hair conditioning treatment in one !
• hair dye without PPD, ammonia, or chemicals !
• gives beautiful natural hair colour on all hair types and on all hair colours !
• natural hair dye which effectively covers the grey / suitable for the most silver white hair !
• long lasting permanent hair colour !
• reputed natural healing properties – good for health and hair !
• hair booster – especially cassia obovata which is natures best hair conditioner !
• dandruff treatment !

I’ve put together a range of products to get you started and I honestly think if you give it a go, like me, you’ll never look back. I must admit I found it a challenge in the beginning, but now it’s as easy as the quickest commercial hair dyes and hair conditioning treatments. My hair ’s looking better than it’s looked in years – it’s rich with natural looking colour right to the roots, soft, shiny, wavy, and so alive it’s growing faster than ever before !

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