Paraben Free Hair Dye

Pure Henna and Pure Indigo are Paraben Free Hair Dye.

Henna and indigo  are naturally paraben free hair dye.  Pure henna is always :  100% lawsonia inermis and has no chemicals added , and pure indigo is always : 100% indigofera tinctoria and has no chemicals added to it. Both are PPD free, chemical free, plant hair dyes.


Why Treat Parabens with Caution? THE BIG FOUR : methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben

Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic and hair products. Our advice is to try hard to avoid products containing any of the big four and to aim especially for paraben free hair dye, and if that’s simply not possible then go for products with the least number of parabens listed and check that they are right at the bottom of the list of ingredients.

Studies are being conducted into whether there is a link between parabens and cancer -see . They  are not proven to be carcinogenic at this time, but clearly it is significant that they have been found to be present in so many samples of breast tissue and clearly studies still need to be conducted which either officially condemn them or exculpate them altogether. In the meantime, treat them with caution.

Parabens are skin irritants and bad news for anyone with sensitive skin – see

Many  companies promote themselves as caring for the environment and promote  haircare and skincare products which they say is plant derived and good for skin and hair, but they fail to mention in their list of “main ingredients”  that their products contain parabens [amongst other stuff ]. And when you get the product you automatically discard the outer packaging and just keep a special place for the tube, bottle, or tub of wonder cream. The outer packaging which you’ve just discarded with the small print which you couldn’t read contains all the references to the hidden nasties. That’s clever marketing !

It’s a matter of personal choice, skin sensitivity, and possibly risk, whether you use products containing parabens. There’s no harm in being safe – the fact is that further studies need to be done.


The Safest Hair Dye Brand – why pure henna and indigo ?