Natural Hair Dyes from Plants

Dermatologist approved organic chemical  free natural hair colour by  Renaissance Henna  is always PPD and Ammonia free. Used successfully by PPD hair dye allergy patients across the UK and Europe, we cover the full natural hair colour spectrum from auburn to black, with chocolate brown in between. Our natural  henna powder is 100% finely powdered dried leaves of lawsonia inermis and our natural indigo indigo powder is 100% finely powdered dried leaves of indigofera tinctoria. All our natural hair colour  products carry detailed instructions and information for your first time application. Simply mix the organic hair dye powders with water to make a paste and apply to all hair colours to get auburn through to brown  and black. We source and supply the purest, freshest henna and indigo to bring you the best that nature has to offer.

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