About Renaissance Henna Natural Hair Wash Clay

Naturally rich in earth silicone, rhassoul clay, aka ghassoul,  is a natural  soap clay mined from deep within Morocco’s Atlas mountains. A cleanser, conditioner, and moisturiser in one, it is a centuries old clay that has been treasured and cherished by those who care about natural skin and hair beauty. Rhassoul is used in high end natural beauty salons and spas around the world.

To use : |Add floral water , bottled water , or tap water to the clay slabs and let them sit for around five to ten minutes, then stir the softened clay slabs  into a smooth paste.

Use as a natural face wash and face mask for up to ten minutes.

Use as a natural hair wash or apply for up to 30 minutes+ in the hair for deep cleansing and conditioning, and rinse out.

You can also pre mix your rhassoul, adding more water as necessary if it starts to dry out, and use it throughout the week as a facial, hair and body wash – it is naturally cleansing and refreshing ! Store in the fridge in warm weather for up to four days.


* One pack will stretch to 3 or 4 hair applications on short to medium length hair.


Moroccan Rhassoul Clay