About powdered Reetha

Reetha hair powder, also known as soap berri (and sapindus detergens amongst some botanists ! ) comes from the crushed fruit ( the nut ) of the Reetha tree, commonly known as “soapnut tree”. Soap nut trees grow wild in India. Our Reetha Indian soap berri powder is nothing else but the crushed shells of pure Indian soap nuts. Soap nuts have been used to cleanse hair in China for over 1,000 years ! Crack the nuts and soak in water for your very own home made natural soapy hair wash. Instructions leaflet accompanies. This is my personal favourite amongst the natural hair wash powders, and it happens to smell naturally nice ! For those precious SLS free days.

Soap Berri Hair Benefits : natural synthetic chemical free hair wash, leaves hair feeling thicker and healthier, may help eliminate dandruff.