Moroccan White Rhassoul

To use, simply add an equal amount of cool to luke warm water ( or try bottled mineral water or pure rose water/any other pure floral water) to the crystals, leave to stand for about 5 minutes, then mix into a milky paste. Leave alone for another 2 – 3 minutes, then pour the milky liquid on top into a cup and you’ll be left with a sticky rubbery white mass of clay at the bottom. Apply the sticky white clay to your scalp or skin and smooth it on – it almost melts as it goes on to the skin and it practically glides, looking like a fine chalk masque as it goes on. Once the scalp/skin is covered leave the masque on for about 10 minutes for the first application, then apply the “milk” and wash with it ( or soak your hands/feet in it for 5 minutes)… finally, wash off with luke warm water to reveal bright and silky smooth skin.

Build up the application time slowly……. the first two or three times you use this clay your skin may feel very “tight”. That’s because the clay removes all excess oils and toxins. You will find that this feeling disappears as you build up the applications slowly and you can gradually aim for occasional 20 minute applications once a week. The clay will also help to unblock clogged pores, reduce dryness and flakiness, and help to shed dead skin, revealing a smoother skin surface with improved elasticity and tone.

Leftovers can be kept up to 2 days in cool temperatures, otherwise store in the fridge. You can use left over “milk” ( and “goo”) as a daily facial skin wash. Used regularly over a period of time you will notice an improvement in scalp balance and skin tone and in many cases you will notice that the skin ( and scalp) will start to find its own “balance”.

Use the milk to wash your face every night and don’t use any night cream or moisturiser ! You’ll be amazed at how your skin settles into detox mode and cleans itself up with just a little help from this amazing clay. Use again in the mornings to wash your face, followed by your normal moisturiser. Your skin will start to find its own natural balance.

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An exquisite hair and facial treatment, which can be used to treat hands and feet as well. This exclusive treatment is especially good for balancing extremely oily hair conditions, and it is known to treat acne prone skin, as well as dry, & damaged skin……… it is excellent for any skin type and is a world renowned skin rejuvenator !

White rhassoul/also known as ghassoul, enjoys the titles : sultan of the ghassoul, and diamond rhassoul. It is a centuries old hectorite clay extracted from the underground rock layers of the Moulouya Valley in the mid-Atlas mountains of Morocco. Ghassool has been used for over 12 centuries by North African and Middle Eastern populations. It is best used with mineral water or with pure rosewater.