About Renaissance Henna Desert Earth Pakeezah Cassia Obovata

About Renaissance Henna Cassia Obovata

This for the the most damaged hair, dry hair, greasy hair, limp hair, and dandruff ridden hair – try ! Renaissance Henna Pakeezah Cassia Obovata is hair repair and hair conditioner in one – it repairs, boosts, and nourishes hair, and helps fight dandruff.

For best results use regularly for 4 – 8 weeks. It’s India’s own precious secret.

Renaissance Cassia Obovata  will also nourish and treat cracked, hard skin anywhere on the body, and splitting nails ! For smooth and nourished feet, hands and nails, mix Renaissance Henna Pakeezah Cassia Obovata into skin therapy mud for immediate healing and skin therapy !! * Please note, if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, this is not a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments and you must consult with your medical carer first before use.

Tip : For burgundy tints on grey hair, you need to add a tablespoon of Pakeezah Cassia Obovata to your henna mix, before applying indigo. Indigo will then give you burgundy lowlights on the greys.

To reverse greying hair and push back towards natural hair colour, mix up cassia obovata with acidic juice overnight ( freshly squeezed orange juice/lemon juice/pineapple juice – out of the fruit, not out of a carton), apply for 3 hours + ; repeat weekly over 2 -3 months.  If you do try it, please feedback your results !

CASSIA OBOVATA IS FOR ALL BLONDES ! blonde highlights + strawberry blonde….

Cassia obovata is sometimes mistakenly referred to as neutral henna, but it’s not henna at all ! It’s a different plant altogether. It has all the benefits of henna, minus the colour. It can sometimes leave mild yellowish streaks on lighter colour hair, if used alone and applied for long enough ( 1 hour +). It is perfect for natural blonde highlights ! Use with or without rhubarb root + shikakai on blonde hair for superb conditioning and natural highlight effects (available in our store).

Use with Renaissance Henna Herbal Henna Mix for strawberry blonde ( cassia obovata + 1 teaspoon herbal henna mix = strawberry blonde).