The best henna hair colour kits are  here ! Plant based natural hair dyes made from henna and indigo leaves provide a natural hair dye option that works. Our 100 percent natural hair dye products are recommended by dermatologists to those who have experienced or are at risk for hair dye allergy. But they are also used simply to get beautiful, rich, natural hair colour ! If you are new to plant-based herbal hair colouring start with any one of these ready to use Kits which are for all genders,  and for all hair types. We have created the best herbal  hair colour system in this professional at home hair dye kit for you to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your own home, giving you control over your hair colour. You may  ask your hair salon to apply the colour for you if you prefer. These Natural Hair Dye  Kits are suitable for all hair colours, whatever your starting colour. Go to the bottom of this page to read more about these natural hair dye options that actually work….and they are vegan friendly hair dyes too !

These herbal hair dye kits are the best quality herbal hair colours and suitable both for men and women. The smaller kits contain 100g of henna powder and 100g of indigo powder, which may stretch to two applications on very short hair; the larger kits contain 200g henna powder and 200g indigo powder, in may cases will stretch to two applications  on medium length hair. Cassia obovata is included as an optional add on ingredient for hair conditioning and colour control if you want to experiment with colour tones.

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Henna hair dye is easy with the  detailed instructions  booklet that accompanies our natural hair dye kits. Dermatologists recommend Renaissance Henna. Pure henna and pure indigo are the best natural hair dye for  PPD allergy patients; it is also suitable for  eczema sufferers.

If you want  chemical free hair colour, you can get   auburn, brown, or  natural black hair colour. This is where you start your natural hair colouring journey. The 100% Natural Hair Dye Kits come with everything you need, alongside the detailed instructions booklet to guide you  to beautiful herbal hair colour step by step.

  • The Short Hair Natural Hair Colour Kit is suitable for short to medium length hair and may stretch to two or more applications.
  • The Long Hair Natural Hair Colour  Kit is  for long or thicker hair and may stretch to three or more applications on very short hair.
  • Suitable hair dye for those with hair dye allergy / PPD allergy / eczema
  • Suitable for colouring 100% grey hair

Short Hair Natural Dye Kit contains : 

100gms pure India henna, 100gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (enough for 2 applications on short hair), 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, a detailed instructions booklet

Long Hair Natural Hair Dye Kit contains :

200gms pure India henna, 200gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (enough for 2 applications on short hair), 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, a detailed instructions booklet

Long Hair Natural Hair Dye Kit + Cassia Obovata contains :

200gms pure India henna, 200gms pure Tamilnadu indigo (enough for 2 applications on short hair), 100gms pure cassia obovata, 2 hair caps, 2 pairs of gloves, a detailed instructions booklet

How  much Henna/Indigo do I need ? 

It depends how long and how thick or fine your hair is. We recommend :

  • short to chin length hair – 50 gms henna / 30 or 40 gms indigo
  • shoulder length hair – 100 gms henna / 70 or 80 gms indigo
  • mid back length hair – 200gms henna / 140 or 150 gms indigo
  • hip length hair – 300 gms henna / 210 or 220 gms indigo

Reduce these quantities by about 10 – 20gms for really fine hair.

Double the quantities for really thick hair.

If you’re in a country that doesn’t use grammes,  adjust according to the weight of the pack , eg 50gms = a quarter pack of the 200gms bag of henna, 100gms = half a pack.

We advise to apply the natural plant-based hair dyes in two stages for perfect 100% natural hair dye results even on 100% grey hair.

Stage 1 Natural Hair Dye Application: 

First mix and apply henna. For a foolproof first time henna application  we recommend you mix the paste with freshly boiled hot water and let it stand between one to ten hours before use. Apply and  leave henna in your hair for a minimum of 2 hours on a first time application. The process can be speeded up by use of a hair drier, set to a moderate heat setting, if you’re in a real hurry.

Stage 2 Natural Hair Dye Application: 

How long you leave the indigo in for depends on how dark you want your natural hair colour result to be. It varies from 10 minutes to 2 hours, or even longer if you want. We recommend not to exceed one hour indigo time on your first time application.

  • Ten to fifteen minutes will adjust your rich auburn red henna tones to a muted brown hair colour.
  • Half an hour indigo hair colour application time will get you to a dark chocolate brown hair colour.
  • One hour indigo application time will get you to black hair colour.
  • Two hours indigo application time will get you to an intense deep raven black hair colour. You get the idea anyway.

To start with, if you’re aiming for brown hair colour, leave the indigo in for ten to fifteen minutes . Then you can determine if you need to leave it in for a longer or shorter period the next time round.

You’ll find it helpful to study the henna hair colour reviews photos and note how long each person applied henna / indigo in their hair to get the hair colours shown in the hair colour pictures.

Some FAQ’s: Where to Start your Natural Hair Colour Journey

Happy henna days !


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