Acacia Catechu

Herbal Hair Colour : Acacia Catechu Natural Hair Dye, semi permanent herbal dye. This herbal hair dye is for blondes and for light brunettes. On all other hair colours it works primarily as a natural hair conditioner and will leave no noticeable colour.

This is for blondes who want  light copper hair colour, starting on blonde

& for

Colour shy light brunette hair colours who want light copper tones.

Darker hair colours may add catechu to henna –  any coppery colour shade will be barely noticeable, but the catechu wil condition your hair.

About Acacia Catechu, also known as Black Cutch, Kattha and Khair.

Properties of Acacia Catechu Heartwood.

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Showing all 3 results