Henna hair dye without any additives is known as  pure henna . It is made from henna leaves. Renaissance henna leaves  are carefully harvested, dried and crushed, then finely sieved multiple times. So only the best henna powder is in these packets of vibrant natural hair colour ! Visit our library resources to discover more about plant based hair dye.

Henna on dark colour hair will add very mild red undertones. On lighter colour hair  henna will  colour your hair auburn. Combine your henna with indigo and you get natural brown and black hair colour ! If you’re new to henna and indigo, start with one of our beginner kits here which contain everything you need along with a very detailed instructions booklet. Henna hair dye, sadly, has got a very bad reputation due to many people thinking that dyes containing metallic salts which are marketed as “henna” are pure henna dye when in fact they are compound henna mixes and nothing close to pure henna  ! Tap on the links to the left of each product page to find out more about pure henna hair dye and how it works. Explore our range of herbal hair dyes which can be combined with pure henna to  create your own unique hair colour blend.  Discover amla, cassia obovata, hibiscus, and oak-wood powder ! Add just a tablespoon of amla to your henna to slightly darken your henna shade.

We’re available to help with any questions you might have – just contact us via out contact page.

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