Renaissance Henna Hair Dye Reviews

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the only way to get to know henna & indigo better ! Henna has a special place in time. It’s ancient history and it’s also the future of safe hair dyes. Let’s support one and other in our henna voyage – together we can put chemical hair dyes behind us ! We’re on each other’s team !

Renaissance Henna Black Hair

black hair colour, lady with black hair cut in a bob and wearing a red beret and black coat with fur collar, standing against a white background
black hair colour from plant dyes


Renaissance Henna Brown Hair

Argan Hair Oil. Portrait of beautiful young woman with healthy long hair
Henna & Indigo for brown hair colouring


Renaissance Henna for Blondes

 blonde woman with medium length straight hair wearing V neck long sleeve purple top, touching her hair
Henna for Blondes


Renaissance Henna for Natural hair

black woman with beautiful skin , eyes closed, wearing black top;customer feedback
herbal henna indigo natural hair colouring

Renaissance Henna for Guys

Henna for men
Henna for men



Beautiful Pure Henna

Henna is a beautiful and small plant. It grows and flourishes in the most arid desert conditions and it survives. Take a lesson from the beautiful henna – stand apart, survive, and  flourish !

Share the Henna Dream

The Henna Dream is ancient hair wisdom philosophy. Henna, Indigo, and Cassia Obovata are the roots of the Henna Dream and go way back in time, but they are almost a stranger in this time. Your ancestors and mine knew them well and benefited from them.