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Our BAQ henna hair powder is quite simply pure henna, so finely sieved it’s known as body art quality henna powder.

You will find this henna more powdery and finer than other Indian hennas. It has a unique sticky consistency which makes it easy to work with.

Henna will darken your existing hair colour and will generally always give you muted reddish brown undertones which will glow in natural daylight, and especially in the sun. The exceptions being grey hair / white hair / or blonde hair because any light hair colour will always turn orange red with henna. But indigo will then turn the hennaed hair all shades of brown through to black, depending how long you leave it in for.

Ingredients : Indian Henna – 100% lawsonia inermis, fine sieve BAQ henna hair powder.


BAQ henna natural looking red hair colour on Renaissance Henna customer
BAQ henna natural looking red hair colour on Renaissance Henna customer applied on light brown starting colour

BAQ Henna Natural Hair Dye

BAQ Henna Natural Hair Dye applied on darker brown starting colour





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BAQ Henna





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Weight140 g

8 reviews for Body Art Quality Henna Powder

  1. Laura (verified owner)

    This product is really great!
    I’ve used other henna in the past and this is with out a doubt, the best.

  2. Nicola OReilly

    I’m new to henna but got some great advice from renaissance team. Love how easy henna is to use, you just need time. Makes hair beautifully shiny and soft and I love how vibrant my grey hair becomes!!!

  3. Gail (verified owner)

    Love this product, have been using for years. Always get lovely comments about my hair being in such good condition and the colour is amazing. I’ve tried others on occasions but this one beats the lot. Thanks

  4. Faye (verified owner)

    Follow-up review. Since my first review, I’ve dyed all of my hair using this henna, and I’m over the moon with the result. I’ve included a photo which shows the depth of colour from one 4-hour application on my hair, previously a mix of naturally blonde root regrowth and (from the eyes down) bleached lengths with direct dye. The henna covered the demarcation line perfectly. The photo was taken on Day 3, and after a week the colour had oxidised a little deeper, but still not dark.

    I used 2 x 100g packs (minus the small amount I used for testing), and there was enough mud to coat my APL+ hair and leave about half left to freeze for next time. The only issue I had was that it took me ages to beat out the lumps in the mix, so I’ll take online advice and use a stick blender next time.

    I’m really enjoying the benefits – the colour doesn’t fade, my hair feels stronger and thicker, and it’s behaving itself far better than it did before, which I think is because the wave is a little smoother.

  5. joanbates (verified owner)

    I have used Renaissance Henna and Indigo for 10 years now and have about 80% grey hair. I love the colour and condition that results from using Renaissance products it covers the grey hair beautifully. I live on a Scottish island and delivery is always prompt , I intend to remain a customer for many more years to come , Thankyou Renaissance henna . Photo attatched.

  6. Faye (verified owner)

    This henna is lovely. I’m new to henna, but had done a lot of research before getting this, and I’m really glad I went with this option. The order was fulfilled quickly and arrived sooner than I expected, seeing as I ordered it around New Year. I was really pleased with the packaging – the henna arrives in a sealed plastic pouch inside the foil pouch, meaning it’s way easier to get out without spilling any than if it was single bagged. The powder has a lovely fine sift and is very easy to mix up into a mud.

    I’ve just completed a test on shed hair, and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. My hair has faded pink and purple direct dye over bleach plus about 15cm of natural colour at the roots (ashy dark blonde, around a level 7); all of these were represented in the sample of shed hairs I tested, and the henna covered them all very well and evenly with some lovely bright highlights. Plus, the henna powder itself smells so nice, to me at least – your mileage may very on the smell!

  7. Sue (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for a while now. My hair is light brown with quite a bit of grey. I use one tablespoon of henna and one tablespoon of cassia, made into a gel with pectin powder. This has given a far more natural (ie not so copper/orange, but more like brown) colour than any other henna I’ve used. It covers my hair including greys but blends into my roots using this amount and I can leave it several months.

  8. KitD (verified owner)

    Can’t praise this henna enough. If you go on YouTube, you’ll see so many videos that make henna out to be some complicated nightmare that means you end up having to start mixing it three weeks before you want it, only add in liquid when there’s a ‘z’ in the month and redecorate your entire home afterwards. It put me off trying for months. My advice is buy this and follow the very simple instructions on the packaging. Don’t overcomplicate it and you will be amazed at the results. It is easy to mix, no more messy than conventional hair dye and rinses out so cleanly. The colour it gives it beautiful. My hair is soft and shiny and not dry in the slightest. If you’re in any doubt, try this and see how easy it is. You won’t look back (except to check how fabulous your hair is…)

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