Natural Auburn, Organic Henna Mix

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Our Natural Auburn Hair Dye is Organic Henna with Herbs.

Mix it Up with our  2 in 1 Herbal Henna Mix  for beautifully conditioned hair along with beautiful auburn henna hair colour. The herbs in this natural auburn hair dye mix will slightly hold back the full power of henna so you’ll get a lighter auburn henna shade. Pure henna on its own will darken your hair colour and give mild red lowlights, but will give you a darker auburn red hair colour tones if you’re starting with  lighter colour hair.

The fresh herbs in this natural auburn hair dye henna mix make it  a wonderfully therapeutic, cleansing and deep conditioning hair treatment which you can enjoy whilst colouring your hair at the same time. The organic henna mixes to a beautifully smooth consistency, and with its hint of floral undertones from the mixed herbs, it smells nicer than straight henna !

Ingredients :  lawsonia inermis (henna leaf), emblica officinalis (amla), acacia concinna (shikkakai), sapindus trifoliatus (reetha), eclipta erecta (bringraj/bhringraj), cyperus rotundus (nagar motha); instructions are inside the packet, comes in 100g and 200g, select your quantity from the drop down list.



dark auburn hair colour, Image of back of woman's head with medium length auburn hair plaited in the middle
Organic henna with herbs on lighter starting colours will still give red hair colour, but the resulting hair colour will be slightly less fiery than straight henna without the herbs dye

Asian looking woman wearing light orange blouse top with short wavy hair and auburn hair colour, holding her hands together just below her chin

Organic henna with herbs on darker colour hair will slightly darken the hair and add red lowlights; it will also act as a natural hair conditioner and bring the dullest hair back to life. Mix it up with Renaissance Henna’s Organic Henna Mix !

Fresh herbs are added to Henna to make Henna Mix




Herbs are added to Henna to make Henna Mix









If you have no grey, or very little ( less than 20%) , then you’re lucky enough to enjoy organic Herbal Henna Mix ! Ingredients include pure henna + natural hair conditioning herbs + natural hair cleansing herbs. It’s hard to find a word that sums it up –  spectacular ! The exceptionally fine sieve gives it a BAQ  (body art quality) feel. It’s a real hair and mind treat if you want to detox, de-stress, and just fall into the loving arms of henna. It’s got the extra mile. But we don’t recommend it on very grey hair because it will just slightly hold back the full fire of henna on its own. On grey hair you need absolute fire before you can get the cooler tones that indigo gives. If you’re after auburn, chestnut, chocolate brown hair colour tones, and you don’t have a huge amount of grey, this is your one step to hair heaven.


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Herbal Hair Colour: Start Your Herbal Hair Colouring Journey with a Natural Hair Dye Kit

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Weight240 g

100g, 200g

5 reviews for Natural Auburn, Organic Henna Mix

  1. Prue (verified owner)

    Always has been and always will be my favourite henna supplier. Must be 10 years at least now that I have been using Renaissance Henna and had so much help along the way. I use the henna mix followed by about 10 mins of indigo after as I must be almost grey underneath (who knows? Been so long!). I recommend this business to everyone = holistic haircare at its very best and giving the comfort of knowing that the ingredients are safe as you swish your shiny red hair and enjoy the admiration of passerby.

  2. M W De Haas (verified owner)

    Hosannah. I was used to dyeing my hair with henna. Loved the scent, and the farting-around with supple clay. Then I discovered Renaissance Henna and…wow! A totally different level of enjoyment. This henna is so soft and silky (I am still talking about the henna powder, mind). Applying it to my hair was a doddle – not one drop on my shoulders, or on the floor/mirror. Because the mixture is so fine and almost slid to the roots and stayed there (without crumbling off so I had to apply again, which happened with the other, coarser, henna brands) it all went much quicker. I did it myself, didn’t need help. I forgot the vaseline, but didn’t suffer any staining of the skin – again, because it’s so easy to apply, I could be very precise with the flat dye brush and the henna mix didn’t ‘bleed’. Everything stayed put.
    The result: beautiful glow, hair silky soft, without the slightly rough feeling from other hennas. Now that’s a few weeks after I dyed my hair, I would like the colour a shade deeper, so I will now order a sachet of Indigo, that I’ve never used before. Exciting!

    My cries for help and suggestions were answered remarkably quick and elaborately. Jolly nice team you got there!
    I will be back for more. 🙂

  3. Bollywoodbabe (verified owner)

    This is the main henna I use. I like the fact it’s premixed so it’s ready to make- which for my busy life is ideal! Gives good colour and coverage on grey hairs. Also promotes thickness I find, plus controls my oily roots. Cooling when applied on scalp.

  4. Anonymous

    This mix is lovely and leaves my hair a beautiful red. It is easy to apply and rinse out as I find it smoother than some of the others. Conditions my hair really well. Also it covers my greys perfectly which surprised me. I get better results compared to the non-organic henna mix.

  5. Anonymous

    This is so good for the hair. A little fuss to work with but well worth it.

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