Yemeni Henna Powder, 100g

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Yemeni henna powder has more grain than our India hennas and  colours your hair vibrant red !

This henna is grown in Yemen. There are no added chemicals. The colour is magically vibrant, bringing the dullest hair alive and glowing with colour .

Ingredients : Pure Yemeni henna, 100% lawsonia inermis powder, 100g.

How to henna your hair

woman with long red hair clasping a Harry Potter book close to her chest, mystical aura, cant see her face just her long hair draping the book
Red henna hair colour magic from Yemen !


What is henna?

It’s just a plant and it grows ! Some humans add metallic salts to their henna to create  a fixed colour shade . We don’t. Because adding any harmful chemical product to your henna makes it into a chemical hair dye and renders it impure.

The henna plant grows up to six metres high in hot, arid, dry, conditions. It’s botanical name is lawsonia inermis. It’s a beautiful small shrub that produces small oval shaped green leaves and small white flowers. It survives in the harshest conditions. It gives pure and natural hair colour that is unique to you.  The henna flowers are fragrant and may be white, pink, red or yellow; they are used in perfumes.

The natural hair dye from the henna plant comes only from its leaves. The leaves of the mature henna plant contain a red orange dye molecule called lawsone. The dye is extracted from the leaves by drying and crushing them. Then the crushed, powdered, leaves are finely sieved.

To create hair colour, the resulting yellow green henna powder is then mixed with water into a mud paste which is applied to hair as a natural hair dye. It will slightly deepen all dark hair colours and add mild auburn tones. On lighter hair colour tones it will colour auburn red. On grey hair it will colour fiery orange red. Indigo applied after henna will turn your henna hair colour brown through to black, depending how long the indigo is left in for.

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1 review for Yemeni Henna Powder, 100g

  1. Carolyn Wall (verified owner)

    So divine! I found it a bit grainier when I went to wash it out, but actually it stuck to my scalp less than other henna, so it wasn’t harder to wash out. Colour & coverage is exquisite! I have one more pack to use, then I’ll be back for more! Thank you so much!

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