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Our chemical free natural brown permanent hair dye is dermatologist recommended and comprises just two key ingredients – henna & indigo –  that leave you with nourished healthy looking hair. Based on herbal hair science our method of application offers 100 percent professional level colour and effectively colours even 100 percent grey. It’s adored by natural beauty fans who enjoy the feel of fuller and thicker hair enriched with dark brunette hair colour. Our rich dark brown permanent hair colour combo is made with naturally organic plant leaves from the henna and indigo plants.

Natural brown hair colouring on beautiful thick long wavy hair on woman dressed in black wearing a black hat
Our rich  natural brown permanent hair dye gives stunning hair colour results

Henna is a plant that grows up to six metres high in hot, arid, dry, conditions. It’s botanical name is lawsonia inermis. It’s a beautiful small shrub that produces small oval shaped green leaves and small white flowers. It survives in the harshest desert earth conditions. The natural hair dye from henna comes only from its leaves. The leaves of the mature henna plant contain a red orange dye molecule called lawsone. These leaves are carefully harvested and then dried, crushed, powdered and finely sieved to produce a powerful hair dye powder. Our indigo dye comes from the indigofera tinctoria plant and it’s leaves undergo the same process  in order to produce a natural permanent dark hair dye which colours hair natural brown and black when used after henna.

With henna and indigo you can get all shades of auburn hair colour, through to brown hair colour and black hair colour. This is a vegan and cruelty free hair dye containing 100% naturally derived ingredients. Any Ammonia & PDD free brown hair dye that gives rich and lasting hair colour is so hard to find – but here it is.

How to get your desired rich natural hair colour ?

Ingredients : 100% lawsonia inermis + 100% indigofera tinctoria


herbal hair colour
Herbal hair colour
organic natural hair dye herbal hair colour lady with long brown hair wearing a yellow short sleeve dress
Pure henna & indigo used together make natural brown permanent hair dye &  black hair colour







Pure Henna & Pure Indigo, desert earth & blue sky
From Desert Earth
Pakeezah pure henna & indigo
Pakeezah pure henna & indigo brown permanent hair dye










Which henna do I need?

Select your quantity from the drop down list : 2  each x 100g, 2 each  x 200g, or  each 3 x 200g

* Please note we sell the bigger quantities in packs of 200g to ensure powders maintain freshness.

Pakeezah means purity of heart. Pure henna has a pure heart, x

Herbal Hair Colour: Start Your Herbal Hair Colouring Journey with a Natural Hair Dye Kit

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Weight1300 g

200g, 400g, 1200g

20 reviews for Pakeezah Henna + Indigo

  1. sharonsonny (verified owner)

    This product has been a life saver for my mum. She developed a hair dye allergy years ago, was mild at first but started getting worse with blistering. She was so upset at having grey hair that she used to make me dye her hair with a toothbrush, using a ‘low PPD no ammonia dye’ without touching her scalp. This took ages but I didn’t mind as it made her happy. But eventually she started getting rashes even with this technique. Made her go to Dermatologist at a Guys Hospital who confirmed with patch testing she was allergic, and luckily recommended this product to try.
    It’s been amazing!!! She wants black hair but she also looks good with copper/red hair, the indigo and henna gives her tones of all three which adds some interest rather than just jet black like her usual hair dye. The grey hairs turn out brown but if you dye it regularly it gets darker each time. Yes it’s messy to apply but at least we can slap it on without the worry of causing harm.
    Don’t know what we’d do without it

  2. DS (verified owner)

    Iv been using their Henna for over eight years now after i suffered a bad reaction to my hair dye . I was so upset at the time thinking i would now have to go grey when i discovered Renaissance . I now have beautiful coloured hair which is just the right colour and using henna also gives a natural condition unlike my old hair colour . They also have a great customer service , nothing is to much trouble , their advice has been so important in getting the right results !! can’t recommend them enough .
    Thank you for bring my hair back to life x

  3. Lisa allard

    I’ve been using henna & indigo for 8 years now. I struggled at first as they didn’t seem to give me the colour I wanted (dark brown). I read that you could not mix them with chemical dye so I decided to cut my hair very short to get rid of all chemical dyes.
    I now put henna on my grey roots for 30 minutes which turn them bright orange I then put in the indigo for another 30 minutes and achieve a beautiful dark brown. So very natural and my hair is now in great condition. I will never go back to chemical dyes. I love these products.

  4. Anita (verified owner)

    The best thing that has ever happened to me.
    I had all sorts of skin allergies . After 3 years I was told I was allergic to a chemical called PPD that is in all hair dyes. Since I have started to use this amazing henna all my allergies have gone.
    Thank you Sabrina.

  5. An

    I have been using these products for years on my long locks. They are perfect. The customer service from Sabrina and her team are second to none. Thank you so much! An

  6. chbishop

    I have been using Renaissance Henna to cover my gray for almost 10 years, and I still love it! I had tried another henna product almost 20 years ago with unsatisfactory results, but gave this product a try after I developed an allergic reaction to chemical hair dyes. This henna gives a beautiful orange color on my gray roots, is very easy to mix and apply, and washes out beautifully. I use henna and indigo every 3-4 weeks. The first time back in 2009, I applied the products to my whole head. The rest of the times I’ve only applied to my gray roots. I think when I wrap my hair in a shower cap, it mixes with the rest of my hair, so I don’t need to apply henna and indigo to my whole head. I use vaseline around my hairline to prevent staining and leave the henna on for 2 hours and the indigo for 36 minutes. The results are shiny, soft hair in a rich dark brown color. You can see my photos in the “brown hair colour gallery.” I am writing again to let everyone know what I learned from my most recent experience with henna. Previous colorings only required the henna to “proof” for 10 minutes before applying. My current batch did not release the dye in my hair after a 10-minute proof and 2-hour application. I contacted customer service and Sabrina told me that some henna crops take longer to dye release than others. She suggested I mix the henna powder with boiling water and let it sit overnight before warming gently and applying the next day. Worked like a charm! Sabrina has been there for me many times throughout the years. Thank you, Sabrina! I won’t buy anywhere else, even though I’m in USA. Celia

  7. Sally (verified owner)

    I started using henna and indigo after developing allergies to chemicals. I am thrilled with the results. My hair is naturally chestnut with some grey and the henna/indigo combo matches my natural colour and looks in great condition. Could not be happier!

  8. Cathy Heath (verified owner)

    I started using henna and indigo a few years ago after becoming allergic to the chemical dyes. I have dyed my brown (and probably more grey that I care to admit!) hair black for years and didn’t want to stop. I now have the perfect recipe for glossy black hair, it does take longer to do but my hair has never been in such good condition! I buy bottled water and boil it to mix with 8 tablespoons of the henna (I have shoulder length hair) I use a comb to separate my washed (but not conditioned) hair to make sure I get an good application and then I wrap my head in clingfilm and leave for 2 hours. I then rinse this off and mix 10 tablespoons of indigo with 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 of cider vinegar and more boiling bottled water. I then apply the indigo in the same way. It’s a bit messier and drops off in little bits but has not stained any surface so far. I leave this for 3 hours, rinse off and shampoo and condition as normal. The result is properly dark black, glossy hair. My hair grows quickly so I usually have to re-apply every 3-4 weeks, but the colour doesn’t fade. Fantastic product!

  9. sdnd04 (verified owner)

    I started using henna in my early twenties and for a while it was fine to have my early white hairs bright red. My natural colour is mousy brown. As more white appeared I reluctantly turned to the hair dresser to use chemical dyes. I soon developed an allergy to those and then I found Renaissance Henna! I was trying for a family so keen to use no chemicals. I was so grateful and still am to Sabrina for her patience and detailed advice to get the perfect balance to cover my whites. I recently asked her advice about covering my parting in between applications as I have been using brown mascara. Now that is irritating my scalp…anyway her advice was 30 mins of henna which I warmed with a hairdryer then 30 mins indigo. It worked! Amazing as I usually leave henna on for 2.5 hours. Renaissance Henna is an absolute necessity for me now. I’ve been using this combination for over 10 years now. My hair is rich dark brown and shiny. Without it I fear it would be very white and dry! Thank you Sabrina!

  10. M Guisely

    I have been using these products for about two years now. I shan’t be going back to any other hair dye products. I love the natural colour, the condition of the hair and the lasting effect. Even as the colour wears out, it still leave a natural look to the hair. I have used the hair oils and find them excellent.

    The henna is not really hard to use, one you get used to it. And the peace of mind of not using horrid chemicals is priceless. I thoroughly recommend!

  11. louise101green (verified owner)

    Wow, I have tried Henna and Indigo from many companies and this is truly the best I’ve ever used. My hair is dark brown with at least 20% grey and I truly thought it was was resistant to natural colours. It used to take about 6-8 hours for the henna to work before using the indigo but now it only takes 2-3. I get a really rich dark brown colour and my hair feels absolutely amazing, so shiny and soft. It’s as if I’ve turned back the clock on my hair and it’s no longer dry, dull and frizzy. I’m so happy.

  12. Janice (verified owner)

    Fabulous. Followed the bespoke advice provided and my hair now is the perfect colour! I look forward to looking after my own hair properly once again.

  13. LBourque

    I’m another convert to the many benefits of natural henna + indigo. 1. Easy application suitable for amateurs who live alone. (It’s messy, but it’s easy.) 2. Doesn’t ‘cook’ my dry, frizz-prone curly hair — leaves it soft and shiny, not brittle. 3. Restores my natural dark chestnut colour, covers my grey and doesn’t look ‘flat’ like commercial hair colour. 4. Not harsh, so I can use it more frequently to keep up with my root growth (I used to let it go longer than I wanted because I was reluctant to damage my hair with commercial colour too often). 5. Less risk of a fatal allergic reaction. What’s not to like? 6. Superior product support and customer service (the indigo can be a bit fussy; for me, it needed Evian water) — thanks, Sabrina!

  14. Karen

    Without these products I would have grey hair, with the use of them I have dark brown hair. The colour does not fade.

  15. Anonymous

    I have been using Rennaissance Henna and Indigo for many years. After starting to go grey in my teens, I used commercial boxed dark colours for over a decade, eventually succumbing to a severe PPD allergy. I had no luck finding a commercial hair dye that didnt contain PPD or similar chemicals, and was resigned to going grey in my early thrities, or going henna red. I eventually came across renaissance henna, in my quest for finding a pure and unadulterated product – and it was here that I discovered the revolution of using indigo as well, meaning I can have a colour close to my natural colour, but with out the damaging chemicals. I am so grateful to have found this out. Thankyou Sabrina!

  16. Prue

    This is one of several products I have bought and used from Renaissance Henna and, yet again, it is a winner. I can’t count the number of times that people have commented on my hair. It’s natural colour would be mid-brown/grey. When I first used henna, it was too orangey for me, so I contacted Sabrina who owns this business. She just couldn’t have! been more helpful. Where else do you get such personalised service???? With a bit of experimenting, I discovered that leaving the henna on for 3 or so hours; washing it out thoroughly and then putting the indigo on for about 15 minutes, resulted in THE most fantastic colour hair which shimmers under the lights and elicits those admiring comments (sorry to sound big-headed but am at that age where you don’t get compliments like those anymore!). The shimmering and dancing colours are a result of the bits of grey in my hair picking up the henna and the indigo toning everything down but not the ‘highlights’. I give my secret away to anyone who asks as everyone deserves to have healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. The fact that it hasn’t got any ‘nasties’ in it is just another wonderful thing about these products. If you want the compliments – just do your own experimenting and you’ll get there. Oh yes, and I also use the conditioning and browner hair colour about 3 times a year to add some extra dimension and complexity to those sparkling highlights. You are in safe hands with Sabrina – go for it!

  17. Anonymous

    I used shop bought Henna for years but as I got greyer, I started to have large clumps of bright orange hair which didn’t match my skin tone. My hair condition wasn’t that good either. I decided to try Renaissance Starter kit and was amazed at the beautiful auburn colour I achieved with henna and indigo (followed instructions to the letter) – I am soooo happy! The henna is clearly higher quality too and after just one application, my hair is shiny and soft. Thank you 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    OMG!! I have always used henna on my hair but was annoyed with the coppery orange colour that the henna left on my greys. Found out about the Indigo to alter the coppery tones and thought I’d give it a try. AMAZING!! My short funky hair is a gorgeous dark brown/black and the softness and shine of my hair is lovely. Will DEFINATLY continue using this henna and Indigo combination!! Thanks Sabrina for your customer service and expert advice!!

  19. Anonymous

    I have been using Renaissance Henna for over 5 years after deciding that commercial hair dyes were ruining my hair – leaving it dull and lifeless. Since using this Henna, my hair is in great condition and naturally shiny. Now my hair is quite grey, I also use Indigo to to achieve a lovely dark brown base with red undertones. The products are very simple to use and I can honestly say that I would not use any other product. Jacky.

  20. Anonymous

    I bought these together and they are brilliant. My hair is a wonderful colour (used henna on the majority of my hair and henna and indigo combined on the wispy grey hairs around my face). My hair feels soft and conditioned. Will buy again definitely.

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