Oakwood Powder, Semi Permanent Mahogony Hair Dye

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Oakwood  Powder (dbargh),100g.

Vegan Semi Permanent Mahogony Hair Dye. For blondes and lighter hair colours.

Ingredients: Finely ground Oakwood Powder from Morocco. Also known as : Dbarrgh.

Dbargh is from the bark of the Oak tree, and is traditionally used in tanning and in traditional medicine. It is a vegan hair dye.

Add 3 – 4 tablespoons of our rich red earth colour vegan hair dye to your henna paste for a beautiful cherry red mahogany colour ! The mahogany red colour influence will be more noticeable on lighter hair shades. Use alone on blonde hair for semi permanent cherry red hair colour tones. Lighter brown hair colour and dark blonde can use dbarrgh on its own or with one tablespoon henna to get  a light copper tone.  hair shade.


Herbal hair colours on blonde hair and lighter hair starting colours
brick red henna add in
Natural oakwood is a red colour powder  from Morocco
Oakwood powder or dbarrgh powder colours blonde hair light copper red; picture of woman in a field against a soft sunset glow with fine long hair glowing copper red
If you have a light hair colour eg light brown or dark blonde, add oakwood to your henna powder to  colour light copper red
image of woman with medium length straight cherry red hair colour, wearing sun glasses and buttoned up brown coat, standing against a dark pink baground
On blonde hair you can use oakwood on its own as a semi permanent mahogany hair dye
man with light brown hair colour wearing glasses, standing against a wall, wearing a brown and cream check shirt with gray T shirt underneath
Natural hair colour from Morocco










(Pictures, left to right : image 1 Moroccan woman, image 2 woman with long copper hair, image 3 woman in sunglasses,image 4 man wearing glasses.)


In image 2 above , the starting colour would have been blonde or very light brown . She would have mixed 50:50 dbarrgh and henna powder with hot water, and applied the paste to her hair for one hour to get a light copper red hair shade. Although drbarrgj is semi permanent, henna is permanent and will take longer to fade and grow out.  The colour process may be repeated to build the colour and keep it fresh and longer lasting.

In image 3 above, the starting colour would have been blonde or dark blonde or very light brown hair colour. She would have mixed a packet of dbarrgh powder with hot water, let it sit half an hour or longer for dye release, then applied the paste for one to two  hours to her hair, wrapped with cling film, before washing out. She gets a mahogany cherry red tone as her starting colour was blonde or very light brown and she used dbarrgh on its own. Dbarrgh on its own on blonde hair will  produce the mahogany tones and will wash out gradually.

In image 4 above, as with image 1, he would have started out with blonde or dark blonde or very light brown hair colour. He would have added just a tablespoon of henna to a full packet of dbarrgh to get a lighter copper tone than image 2.

Dbargh Semi Permanent Mahogony Hair Dye is from the bark of the Oak tree


oakwood powder tree bark
Oakwood powder tree bark


About Oakwood Bark Powder / Dbargh

Dbargh powder – finely powdered bark of the Oak tree

Genus: quercus
class: magnoliopsida
order :fagales
family: fagaceae


All our vegan hair colours are cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Dbarrgh is definitely part of our range of the best vegan hair dye UK !


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1 review for Oakwood Powder, Semi Permanent Mahogony Hair Dye

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    Gives a beautiful red brick colour when you mix a tablespoon of this in with Renaissance henna (I just use hot water as per the packet, and no, it isn’t worth trying out Lush henna which I once tried and is nothing like as good as Renaissance BAQ or other Renaissance henna). To be more precise, the shade I get with this in the henna is a rich dark cherry/maroon/burgundy heading towards mahogany. This colour would be otherwise impossible to achieve from my dark blonde/light(mousy)brown original hair shade. My skin tone is a pale porcelain, and it looks great with it.

    Frankly, this stunning and long-lasting colour does not exist in peroxide dye – which I cannot believe I used to use – nor the remarkable shine, health and thickness benefits of henna for the hair and scalp (before henna-ing, I struggled with oily, and sometimes itchy, hair and scalp, which henna completely fixes and rebalances).

    Thank you, Renaissance Henna, and best wishes to all,


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