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Natural Purple Hair Dye – Hibiscus

Natural hibiscus powder is not only a beautifully conditioning hair rinse for darker hair colours but it is also a semi permanent natural purple hair dye for lighter colour hair. It comes from hibiscus flowers and it has a fresh and fruity natural floral fragrance,making it a perfect henna add in.Light burgundy henna tones will show up on lighter hair colours such as blondes.Hibiscus as a natural hair conditioner and will your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Ingredients : Finely crushed Hibiscus Powder made from pure sun dried Hibiscus  flowers in Morocco. Powder quantity :  50g.

Add 3 tablespoons of Hibiscus powder to your henna  paste for light burgundy henna on lighter hair colours or make hibiscus tea, strain and use as a hair rinse or use the purple liquid to mix henna & indigo.

Use Hibiscus powder alone on blonde hair for a semi permanent natural purple hair dye.

Hibiscus Plant Hair Dye is a Semi Permanent Natural Purple Hair Dye; beautiful woman in a field with long blonde hair with mild purple highlights
Hibiscus Plant Dye is a Semi Permanent Hair Dye


Purple Highlights in Blonde Hair. Hibiscus Purple Plant hair Colour for Blondes
Hibiscus Purple Plant Hair Colour for Blondes, Purple Highlights in Blonde Hair



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3 reviews for Hibiscus Powder, 50g

  1. Julia Ahern (verified owner)

    I added the hibiscus powder to morrocan henna and it made my hair a lovely Carmine red. Very happy with the result!

  2. ObsidianCat (verified owner)

    I didn`t notice any alternation of color when I use it, but the stuff smells good. So I add a little to the henna mix, just for the purpose of improving the smell.

  3. KitD (verified owner)

    I love the result I get from my Pakeezah Henna, but did want to see if I could get a slightly richer red. I contacted Sabrina to ask her how I would use this in conjunction with my henna. Basically, mix two to three tablespoons of this powder up in a seperate container at the same time you mix your henna – using the same liquid (lemon/hot water/tea etc). Leave it to stand, then as you’re ready to apply the henna, mix the two together. It makes the henna go a more red/brown colour. When you rinse out you will find you should get a deeper, richer red – more fiery and burgundyish. It’s lovely and also very conditioning. Highly recommended!

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