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Get soft red hair colour with our BAQ Rajasthani Henna and Cassia Obovata.

Body art quality finely sieved henna hair colour powder comes with cassia obovata natural hair conditioner to get you  beautifully conditioned soft red hair.

Combine equal quantities of the powders and  apply to your hair for 45 minutes. Leave in for one and a half hours for a slightly deeper auburn hair colour

For your light auburn hair colour, we recommend these quantities :

  • short to chin length thick hair – 40g henna / 40g cassia
  • shoulder length thick hair –  60g henna / 60g cassia
  • mid back length thick hair – 100g henna / 100g cassia
  • hip length thick hair – 200g henna / 200g cassia

This colour combo works best on lighter hair starting colours such as blonde, light to dark blonde, and lighter brown colour hair shade. Darker colour hair shades can also use this to get deep hair conditioning plus just a hint of vibrant colour.

Ingredients : BAQ henna (lawsonia inermis), 100g  and organic cassia obovata, 100g.

Soft red hair colour, woman with long soft red hair
Soft red hair
two blank wig profiles of front and side view medium length layered fringed hair soft red hair colour
light auburn hair colour







Where to start the natural hair colour journey.


Explore cassia obovata for blondes


BAQ Henna










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1 review for BAQ Henna + Cassia Obovata

  1. Janine


    I have been buying henna from you since 2013, have now moved over to cassia/henna.

    I would love to share the progress with you but can’t find an email address.
    Could you let me have it so I can show you what henna has done for me and now the transition phase into a mix of cassia/henna. I am prempting the grey phase so am blending slowly. So far so good..

    I also used vit c tablets to slightly clarify the hennaed ends (saturation). So far, so good. My hair has never been better!

    Best wishes
    Janine x

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