Cassia Obovata + Rhubarb Root




Natural Blonde Highlights

Get natural blonde highlights with Cassia Obovata  & Golden Rhubarb Root organic hair conditioner & hair repair .

This plant based hair care combination is for intensive natural hair conditioning on any colour hair, and for natural blonde highlights on already blonde hair ! Mixing instructions are different for darker hair colour tones and colour will not be noticeable on darker hair colour tones.

Ingredients: Organic Cassia Obovata 100g + Organic Rhubarb Root 100g

For information about Rhubarb Root: Click Here

For information about Cassia Obovata : Click Here


 Natural blonde highlights with cassia obovata and rhubarb root

Natural blonde highlights with cassia obovata and rhubarb root




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Weight280 g


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