Organic Acacia Catechu




Copper Hair Dye for Blondes

Organic Acacia Catechu Powder is a plant-based semi permanent hair dye which gives copper hair colour and copper highlights on lighter hair colours. Use acacia catechu for natural copper highlights on blonde hair and for mild copper brown tones on dark hair.

Add acacia catechu to henna to push towards copper brown; follow with indigo for deep brown hair color on grey hair.

All packets come with instructions.

Ingredients: Organic Acacia Catechu powder,100g.

Acacia Catechu is a semi permanent hair dye which gives Copper highlights on Blonde hair.: Lady Sitting in the Sunshine with Copper Coloured Hair Secured by Colourful Headband, and Fringe Falling Across Her Face
Acacia Catechu is a semi permanent copper hair hair dye just for blondes

About Renaissance Henna Acacia Catechu

Renaissance Henna specialises in herbal hair colour and herbal hair care :

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